Tuesday, February 9

It's a weirder, shorter "M," too

Okay, it's official. MTV has finally announced, via a new logo, that the channel now has absolutely nothing to do with music on television. This makes me feel old in a number of ways, but now, finally, I can quit bitching about the fact that the channel is called "Music Television," and it shows nothing musical on it anymore. As the channel has given up on music, I have given up on thinking that it once had everything to do with music.
It's a shame, really. I remember explaining to Mom and Howie what MTV stood for, and why it was cool. I remember hearing some woman in line behind us at the movies complaining about her son who just sits in front of "that damn MTV now." I remember that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video was something my friends and I rushed home from dinner to see. I remember when late-night television was full of Headbanger's Ball and the top 20 videos of the week. I remember when videos were literal translations of the song lyrics.
And now, our once revered music channel is full of schlocky garbage like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and The Buried Life. Finally, the logo represents all that, instead of harking back to the day when music ruled the music channel. In this case, I suppose, reality TV killed the radio star ... er, music video star.

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