Wednesday, February 24

Is it Thursday yet?

I have a weird issue with the blogging, and it comes to a hurried and frothy head tonight, as I compose this post.
I pay particular attention to the dates of the posts as they go online. I like to have a post every day, but for several reasons (both charitable and selfish) I sometimes don't. I keep track of the posts by the dates listed above the text on the blog itself.
But (correctly, I realize), when I write a post and save it to the blog at even a minute after midnight, the date is the next day's date, get my internal system all flummoxed. So I'm checking out the clock on the computer right now, and it's all, "11:55 p.m." But who knows if that is Blogger's time, too? So I'm racing against the Blogger clock right now to get this weirdly rambling, and completely anal retentive blog post online before the clock flips, and it's suddenly Thursday.

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