Thursday, February 11

Honestly. Curling is COOL

Are you excited about the Winter Olympics? I kind of am, but don't know if I really care all that much. I say this every time though, and every time, I get sucked into the drama, suspense and love of it all. I remember falling deeply and passionately in love with curling during the last Winter Olympics (though I can't remember where they were held). Anyway, in preparation for my inevitable addiction to the Winter Olympics, starting tomorrow, I downloaded the NBC Olympic application for my phone. The app itself is pretty straightforward and overwhelming: sections for every sport, news on every sport and athlete, links to the athlete's social networking feeds (like Apolo Anton Ohno's Twitter), and of course, the medal count. There are more things on it. I can't remember it all though, as I didn't take the time to dig into every nook and cranny of the information. As the days go by though, I know I'll figure out my way around it.
I find myself wondering about this Valentine's Day movie. There are too many decent and likable actors in it for it to be any good at all. I just feel like the screenwriters spent so much time with so many different characters that there must be a lack of concentration on any one decent storyline. I can't imagine that Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, and the 500 other big-name actors all got the same quality roll. I will completely and totally be putting this one on the Netflix queue.
Okay, let's just get this our of the way: No, I have not heard from the job. On the up side, the job is still listed online. On the down side, well, they haven't called me. I'm at that point right now though, where it's either meant to be, or not. Dudes, just call me either way.

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