Monday, August 31

If it wasn't yours, I'd eat it

Hey; did you notice that I had posted anything to the blog since Friday?
I hate it when the weekends fly by so quickly I have no idea what I did instead of blog. I know I started a book on Saturday. Hmmm. So that's probably where my Saturday night went. The book ... ... ... and Nights in Rodanthe.
But last night? Hmmmm ... ... ... I finished the book (Blown, by Francine Mathews) and then I watched True Blood.
Every other memory of the weekend is awash in pee and clad in panties.
I'm exhausted. And I need to start getting to bed earlier again.
But a whole weekend between blog ramblings?
I'm sorry.
Here. Have a cupcake.

This picture would make a really hard puzzle

Just a couple notes to you, my friends:
1.) This potty training thing, while necessary, is totally frustrating. Yes, I understand that the child won't just get it the first day. And I know that everyone has their own thoughts on that. But the level of patience required to get through this without losing it on your child is more than I thought I had. I, literally, walked around all day in a state of almost-tears, just waiting for the next flood of urine or poopy surprise to come my way. How long exactly is this training going to take? And will I be in this constant state of anxiety for weeks and months? Diapers rule.
2.) Once again, I'm up later than I wanted to be, with little to nothing to show for it. I did though, make it to the gym for a time this afternoon, and got that one bag of yard waste out with the night's garbage, so I suppose it can't be all bad.
3.) We had a storm ... or, a weather event that they consider a storm out here ... tonight, too. Windy, which was really nice, and a few raindrops, which was disappointing. Brian and I were just talking today how nice it would be here if Arizona had real weather. If there had been an actual storm tonight, we might have decided we like it here.
4.) I've been playing with Sydney's little 12-piece jigsaw puzzles so much lately that I developed an incredible jones for an adult puzzle for me. We checked out Target this morning, and I found a decent 750-piece Disney Villains panoramic puzzle. I also bought one of those felt, storage mats for the puzzle: you know, where you actually construct the puzzle on the felt, and then are able to roll it up so no toddlers or dogs can get to the pieces. The felt itself was folded in the purchase box, so was all chockablock full of creases, bumps and folds. My puzzle pieces do not lay flat, and that is, to put it mildly, annoying as hell. I need a large dining room table. In a dining room that is off-limits to all children and dogs. Oh, and I think Daisy's eaten a couple of my pieces already, since I'm missing four pieces of border, and have been through the rest of the box twice, and can't find anymore in there. Grr.
5.) And just, Grrr. Andrea knows what I mean. Grr.

Friday, August 28

"Time to go sit on the potty!!"

I am so tired.
Dude. Potty training is HARD.
It's been a while since I had to devote such complete attention to one thing for an entire day, and I'll tell you, it's taken its toll on me. It's not even 10 p.m. yet, and I've already made my nighttime phone calls, am blogging about the day, and have yawned more than a couple times. I am totally going to bed early.
The potty training experience though, was not too bad. Sydney did absolutely fantastic. Of course, my first call tonight went to Lisa, just so I could have someone else tell me how well Sydney and I did today. I posted the day's tally on Facebook, but I'll copy and past it here so you all can appreciate it, too.
The tally for the day: seven pees in the potty (we roll with a 25-minute increment between forced potty breaks), three piddling accidents (one in the hallway, two in the living room), four panties (consequence of above accidents), three t-shirts (two had pee on them, one was soiled with oatmeal), two hand towels (they get wet faster when the person using them isn't too proficient), two potty-focused books (one about Molly Matthews and the preferred, How to Potty Train Your Monster), one poop in the potty (it was totally an accident, but a HUGE victory!), and one very proud mommy (tired, too).
When I sit back and look at my day, and consider that, this morning, she had only a vague idea of what the process of peeing and pooping in the potty entailed, and that by tonight, she peed, wiped, flushed, and washed her hands all by herself, I think the whole process really is pretty amazing. Add to all that the knowledge that she didn't sleep at all for her nap, and that I'm running on fumes right now, and you know it was an exhausting several hours of daylight.
So right now, I'm going to stop yawning again, turn off the computer, finish watching Live Free or Die Hard, and then go to bed. Because tomorrow will be easier.
It will; won't it??

Wednesday, August 26

DWTS returns on 9/21/09

I'm sure you all have been wondering exactly why it's been so long since you've heard anything about Dancing with the Stars, especially since the Season 9 cast was announced a couple weeks ago. Reason #1: I just haven't had the time to write what I knew from the outset would be a lengthy post. Reason #2: I needed to trim down my fingernails to type what I knew would be a lengthy post, and I was taking my time about doing that. Reason #3: I hadn't come across an evening or afternoon when it just felt like "the right time" to roll back into my DWTS obsession. Lucky you; tonight's the night!!
In Season 9, which begins on Sept. 21 with a three-night premiere, there will be 16 contestants, rather than the normal amount of 13. With no further ado, the contestants, and my opinions on them.
Tom DeLay, Former House Majority Leader ~ This is the one that made me go "Hmmm," but I have a feeling that he'll be our surprise contender. He'll leave in the middle, but not before impressing a lot of people.
Donny Osmond, singer, purple socks wearer ~ Whoever didn't see this coming a mile away is hereby revoked of their DWTS coolness card. Once Marie made a decent showing, you just had to know that Donny would be there soon.
Macy Gray, singer ~ I really loved her first CD, but lost contact with her afterwards. Let's see what she's been up to.
Kelly Osbourne, reality star ~ And here's our first bit of crazy. I think she's going to be into it, but also a bit of a prima donna.
Debi Mazar, actress ~ Mazar has always been kinda funky in my head, so I really hope that she does well.
Mya, singer ~ Mya has the background in dance to do really well in this competition. I dig her because of her more famous work in the awesomely classic "Lady Marmalade" cover from Moulin Rouge, with Pink, Lil' Kim and Christina Aguilera.
Melissa Joan Hart, actress ~ I find her a nit milquetoast. Dear Ms. Hart, Please make me care. Thank you.
Michael Irvin, NFL player ~ Ah yes, the token football player. I hope he enjoys this more than the last NFL player whom I can't even remember, but do recall hated all the feminine stuff.
Ashley Hamilton, son of George and ex-husband of Shannen Doherty ~ I don't care.
Aaron Carter, singer ~ All I know of this guy is that he sparked that huge feud between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff a couple years ago. I feel shame about knowing this.
Kathy Ireland, ex-model ~ Another wild card who may impress us all? Perhaps.
Natalie Coughlin, ex-Olympic swimmer and medal winner ~ Is Coughlin going to extend the Olympic winners' streak? I'm thinking no, but we'll see how the people vote.
Louie Vito, pro snowboarder ~ I have no idea who this guy is. Let's hope he's a better presence than last season's Steve-O.
Chuck Liddell, ex-UFC fighter ~ Ugh, and I don't care.
Mark Dacascos, actor and martial artist better known as the Chairman on Iron Chef America ~ I love Iron Chef America, so I'll be rooting for him.
Joanna Krupa, swimsuit model ~ And this season's Holly Madison. Krupa was on another ABC reality show. It's nice to know that ABC's nepotism is still alive and well this season.
I can't say that there is anyone on this season's roster that I'm geeked about seeing on the show. There is certainly no Belinda Carlisle level coolness going on here. It's kind of nice though, going in with a clean slate. I am not predisposed to love any one of these people, so really, any one of them could win my heart!

Tuesday, August 25

First day of school!!

Sydney started preschool today! She thoroughly enjoyed it, and, according to her teacher, there was a little bit of crying first thing this morning, but then after that, she participated well and was all smiles with everyone. Issue: potty training. Syd is still in diapers, and to be in the 3's class, you have to be potty trained. The principal met me in the parking lot this afternoon to discuss the diapers thing, and apparently, from the conversation, she is now under the impression that Syd will come to class in underwear on Thursday. I though I said that we would get through Thursday in a diaper and then guerrilla potty training would take place this weekend. Now, it seems to be the order of the day for tomorrow. I guess I'll get to reading Kerry's potty training manual, How to Potty Train Your Child in One Day. It seems that tomorrow, I'll need it.
If the potty training thing doesn't work out, we can move her down to the 2s, where peeing in the potty isn't required, until she's potty trained, and she can move back to the 3s. They've had to move two kids already, so it's not unheard of, but still, I feel like I've failed her somehow because I didn't push this more aggressively.
Still, all that matters is that Sydney had a good day, and she did!!

Monday, August 24

The grass should be greener

Have I told you how much I love Monday naptimes? They're my favorite because I feel like I'm not required to catch up on anything since it's the beginning of the week. Today, I'm obsessed with the last two weeks' episodes of True Blood, so I am watching them again. I figure I've got another 20 minutes of quiet before I need to get Sydney up, so I'll spend the time blogging and watching the best invention ever, or over the last few years anyway: DVR.
~~ So Michael Jackson's death was ruled a homicide. I'm of two minds about this: 1.) The LAPD finally has someone to blame for this death, giving their public relations department a neat little bow to tie around the entire situation. 2.) I would assume that Dr. Conrad Murray did not mean to kill Jackson. These accidental deaths are always so subjective. There is no way he'll ever come back from this, and it's pretty sad how the whole thing could have been avoided with just a bit more care, or had he just said something like, "Dude. Just close your eyes. You want me to sing you a lullaby? You don't need to be put in a medically induced coma to get a night's sleep."
~~ I watched just a bit of the football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the ... ... I don't remember. Who played in that game? No matter. I'm excited about football season starting!
~~ I understand that it may not be as good for my grass to be watered in the afternoon after Sydney lays down for her nap, but I think that getting watered then is better than not getting watered at all. My grass in the backyard is in a sorry state right now -- it's a bit more brown than green -- but I can see that it'll be happier with some consistent watering over the next several days. The reason why I have to wait to water after the kid is in bed? If you have to ask, you obviously have never tried to water grass with an awake toddler in the house. It results in too much excess water on people, dogs and walls. Sadly, it's a bit of a waste of water doing it with Sydney's "help." I'd rather just do it and get it done with minimal fuss. So that's the schedule I'll roll with for now. I'll give you a green-ness update in a few days!

Saturday, August 22

I also love "Mary Poppins"

I think there should be a kite festival in Arizona. Of course, if the wind blew at all, without it feeling like a hair dryer in the face, there probably would be one. I'm actually going to look into it though, in case there is one of which I am just unaware.
We saw a whole bunch of kites in different toy stores all week, and all I thought was how, if we were in Boston still, we would totally have a few kites in the house. There was a lot of wind on the East Coast, as compared to Arizona. I love flying a kite. It's so fun.

"Let's go fly a kite,
up to the highest height.
Let's go fly a kite,
and send it soaring.

Up to the atmosphere.
Up where the air is clear,
oh, let's go, fly a kite."

Friday, August 21

The purple may or may not stay

We're back at Mom's house, and are also quite exhausted. I got the driving duties today, which really was fine, since it's super fun to speed along the highway moving through traffic in her car. But still, six hours behind the wheel is a long time. Sydney was a frickin' rock star the whole time, needing only someone to entertain, or be entertained by. We didn't have to break out the DVD player at all. AND she even took a nap! Good drive today!!
I'm tired. And I'm also getting my hair done first thing tomorrow morning. This whole random-gray-strands thing is pissing me off.

p.s. This is a penguin playing with a hose. I like this picture almost entirely because you see the penguin mid-step. It amuses me.

Wednesday, August 19

You Mommy, Her Gramma, Me Sydney

How's this for an interesting conundrum? Sydney heard me call my mom, "Mom," this afternoon. Awesome reaction from my kid: She touches me on the arm, points at me, and explains, "You're Mommy." Then she points to mom, and says, "That's Gramma. She's Gramma." Again, I get a tap on the arm, "Mommy." Of course, Sydney is still too young to understand the family dynamic in that kind of way, but it was super cute to be corrected about it.
You're wondering what else we did today. Sydney woke us up at 7 this morning, announcing that she couldn't sleep anymore. We visited the village at Northstar at Tahoe. There is now an ice skating/roller skating rink in the middle of it, a brand new condominium complex built in the middle of it, new ticket windows, and most remarkably, a Starbucks right there. We had hoped to take the gondola on a scenic ride, but it wasn't available today. Having left Northstar kind of disappointed, we made our way to Kings Beach for lunch at one of Mom's favorite spots. Then we played in the lake for a bit at the beach. Then we came back to the hotel where Sydney refused to nap, and finally crashed for an hour while Mom and I read magazines. For dinner, Mom's favorite restaurant, Lanza's. It was good stuff.
We got back to the room, and I had wanted to watch a movie. I actually was quite excited to see Star Trek. But then, I saw how much the hotel wanted to charge for the film: $14.99. I was all, "Hell, NO!" Can you believe how much that movie would have cost? Crazy!!
So instead, we're currently watching, Law & Order: SVU, and have already sat through tonight's episode of Wipeout. Ugh.
p.s. This is perhaps the best vacation picture ever! Have you seen this online? This random squirrel made his way into this couple's self-portrait on their vacation. They posted it at, and it has grown quite a fan base. Including me!

Tuesday, August 18

Nick Cannon, go away

I am watching America's Got Talent, and aside for the David Hasselhoff crazy, I am not liking it at all. Nick Cannon is bugging me like no one's business. ... ... ... You know, and in fact, I think the only thing that is really bugging me right now about this show is the presence of Nick Cannon. Who knew that Mariah Carey, one of my biggest celebrity pet peeves, would be married to one of my newest celebrity pet peeves, Cannon? That comes off as entertaining to me right now.
Mom, Sydney and I are in Truckee, Calif. tonight. We can't really remember the last time I was in Truckee, but the ballpark year is 1999. I can't remember if Brian and I have been here since we got married, or even if I'd been since I moved out of Mom and Howie's house. This town has changed a lot. It's all random stuff: a roundabout, no more movie theater, less coolness on the main street, a new micro-brewery (yummy dinner!), paying for parking, and better stuff in the variety store.
Tomorrow, we head up to Northstar, on day three of a trip that has become something of a pilgrimage in honor of Howie.

Monday, August 17

This is Bishop ... wahoo!!

We're in Bishop, California. You can say it: hot spot of the Eastern Sierra Valley. This is where Howie grew up, and our regular stop mid-way to Lake Tahoe.
The drive itself was a nice one! Still warm, about 95 degrees most of the way, but it still was not as hot as the desert. (It IS a vacation!!) And only twice did I think that perhaps I might get pulled over for speeding. Is there a single speed limit sign on the 395? I do not remember seeing one, but I'm pretty sure that if I did, it wouldn't have said 85. Still, I didn't get any tickets today. I make no such promises for tomorrow. One of the best things about road tripping with my mom is that I feel like if I get a speeding ticket, it's okay and I won't get in trouble because she's in the car with me. It's sort of like that time all us girls cheered her into making an illegal left turn in Beverly Hills one night and she got pulled over because of it. But I digress.
Tomorrow, we head off to Tahoe.

Sunday, August 16

No, it's just a hot heat

So I'm blogging to you tonight from Mom's little laptop. She bought it for randomness, and I've been picking on her constantly since she got it, because I didn't think it was something that she would ever really use. And yet, here I sit, using this little computer that I swore would never get used. I've messed around with Facebook, checked my e-mail, tweeted, and added four new web sites to the favorites up there. For all intents and purposes, and for this week, I think I may have adopted this petite machine for my very own.
President Barack Obama was in Arizona today, and he and his family visited the Grand Canyon. I am beyond tickled with the photos of them getting off their plane all dressed in shorts and tanks and t-shirts ... except the president himself, who, no doubt, needs to show that he's not affected by such things as ridiculously high temperatures. I bet, in some little place in their minds, they didn't figure the heat in Arizona could be that bad. "It's a dry heat," and all that.

Saturday, August 15

They're my inspiration

I decided my shockabuku (be sure to read the post below to understand what that means) required a special avatar. Here she is, chilling, comfortably and casually, in a field of lovely orange and yellow flowers.

You see in the back there? Behind that one big flower and under the tree line? That's Mom and Sydney.

A white girl's vision quest

Have I told you about my favorite word in one of my favorite movies? The movie is Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusack. The word is "shockabuku," which means a swift spiritual kick to the head. I enjoy the concept of shockabuku, and like to think that I can summon one if I really need it. Right now, in fact, over the last several months, I've felt in myself a yearning for a powerful shockabuku. I posted it as my Facebook status a couple days ago: I need to recharge my batteries, take an attitudinal chill pill, get out of dodge, and hang out with my two favorite girls. I've got a whole lot coming up in the next few months, and need to clear my head to better deal with it. I need to detox myself. And for me, there is no better psychological palate cleanser than a road trip.
Tomorrow begins a new adventure. Sydney and I fly out to Mom's, and on Monday, we hit the road. What's the itinerary? A stop here and a stop there. I'll keep you posted as we progress. (I set up the network connection between the blog here and my very cool iPhone, so I should ... should ... be able to blog quite well from the road. I am not sure how well I can post any accompanying images, but we'll cross that blogger's bridge when we get to it.) At any rate, a couple days on the road, visiting some places that we love, having a hundred laughs, and doing something randomly cool is the best prescription for my shockabuku. I'll come back home a more centered, focused, cleansed and ambitious person. I think it'll be a remarkably positive thing for me. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Thursday, August 13

It's like a weird J.Crew ad, is it not?

ITEM!: I'm not sure if I'm horrified more at the fact that these dolls are so cheesy, or that I seem to be feeling like I must possess them. For those of you not so much in the know about teen-vampire love stories, these are the dolls of the characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan from the Twilight series of novels and movies. My fascination with the dolls is on a few levels: 1.) Bella the doll is prettier and dresses better than Bella the character. That sounds mean, but I don't intend it to be. 2.) Edward actually is that pale in the movie, and the doll manufacturers carried through with that even to the doll's hands. That's creepy, but awesome. 3.) The hair on Edward is off-putting. 4.) They're so .... Barbie. Did Barbie have a vampire boyfriend? Would I have had that doll, too? Probably. My goodness, I had a Purple Pie Man. I totally would have had the Vampire Ken doll.
ITEM!: We've had three nights of Sydney going to sleep without her Ted. Yesterday, she couldn't nap "with no Ted," but therefore passed out quickly at bedtime last night. Today, it took her about 50 minutes to fall asleep for her nap, but she finally did! And on an incredibly high note, she did not mention Ted at all. Yay!!
ITEM!: When Daisy dreams, she makes the same huffing, snarfing and whiny noises that Oliver does when he dreams. Totally cool. My dogs are pretty great.
ITEM!: The Fifth Element has been on rotation on Cinemax lately. I don't know why, but I watch it. Actors, not including the movie's star, Bruce Willis, in this movie: Chris Tucker, better known from the Rush Hour movies. Best part about his character, "BZZZZZ." Gary Oldman, a very well-respected actor, who chews up the scenery in this movie like no one's business. Milla Jovovich, who is only cool in Resident Evil films. Sir Ian Holm, who played Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And Luke Perry (Beverly Hills, 90210), who, for whatever reason, decided that in 1997, he would play the part of a scientist's assistant and only live for five minutes in a cheesy Bruce Willis movie.

Tuesday, August 11

Bye bye, Ted? Wouldn't that be lovely?

I totally lied to my kid tonight. I told her that the Teds that Daisy chewed up this afternoon were the only ones in the house, and that she would have to go to sleep without them, like big girls do.
For those of you who don't know, "Ted" is what we call a pacifier in my house. Back story: I always swore that my child would never use a pacifier. And I stuck to that, until teething time. Once those teeth started giving her trouble, and knowing that the pacifier would ease some of that discomfort, I quickly changed my mind about using the awful little things. Don't misunderstand though, I still, to this day, hate them with a passion. They are just a necessary evil now. Having decided that, yes, I would allow the pacifier, I thereby declared that I would not call it something cutesy or fun, like "Binky," or the like. I said to Brian, "Why can't it just be called 'Ted' or something?" He quickly replied to me, "Ted it is." And Ted it has remained. Really, it's super cute hearing Sydney ask for her Teds.
But anyway.
While Sydney and I were at the gym, and Brian was running errands, Daisy decided to be clever about what to chew on in our absence, and jumped into Sydney's bed and proceeded to make a meal of the Teds in there. My bad, since I usually put the damnable things atop the bookcase. But to be sure, both Teds had lost their bulbs to Daisy's teeth (and I'm sure I'll find them some time tomorrow, right?). Daisy got in trouble, but then I thought that this could certainly work to my advantage about getting Ted out of Sydney's mouth at bedtime. I showed both Teds to Sydney and explained that Daisy had chewed them up. (Sadly, Daisy chewing something up is not a rare occurrence, so Sydney knew exactly what that meant.) We discussed how she would have to sleep without them tonight. She fussed a bit, but was quickly distracted.
And tonight, when I put her in bed and she asked about Ted, I sat on the floor next to her bed and reminded her that Daisy had chewed up the Teds and that she'd have to go to sleep without them. It was a decent discussion, and she understood what I was saying to her. Still, I felt really bad about lying. I've been sitting here, practically on top of the monitor listening to every noise she makes in her room. She fussed for about 15 minutes, chatted for a while beyond that, and finally, it seems just passed out fine. It's been an hour now, and I feel like I may be able to move around the house without waking her up, thereby giving her the chance to remember that she doesn't have Ted. I'm feeling kind of optimistic. Famous last words, right?!

p.s. I'm so pathological in my distaste for the damn Ted that I could only find one or two pictures with her and Ted together. I chose this one because she didn't have Ted actually in her mouth. You'll notice that Ted also is of the clear plastic variety -- the better to be less offensive to my eye. Look at how cute my baby was!!

News of the day, delivered Kimmie-style

I was cruising through just now, and I thought, what a random post it would be to just fly through the headlines on the web page and comment on them, as I do. Interested? Good, read on. Not so interested? "Deal with it," she writes with a smile.
"Obama takes on health care critics in N.H." ~ I'm not entirely sure why this health care thing is so important that it couldn't wait until next year or the following year. I feel like our president is piling an awful lot of stuff on his plate right now. This, I believe, could have waited.
"Source: Jackson doc bought anesthetic in Vegas" ~ When are we going to see the toxicology report and just put all this nonsense behind us? I'm still waiting for the day when there isn't a single Michael Jackson headline on my My Yahoo! page. Hasn't happened yet.
"What are the top destinations for business travel?" ~ Wherever the boss sends you that isn't your office.
"$500K prize divides elderly sisters in Conn." ~ Jeez. Get over it and split it, you whiners. Odds are you won't live to spend it all anyway.
"U.S. automakers need to leave survival mode" ~ Oh, really? Are they all better now?
"Woman accused of glue assault speaks out" ~ As much as I'm against most types of violence, there's a certain bit of justice that goes along with a woman who exacts vengeance on her husband for cheating on her repeatedly. Still, gluing his penis to his stomach is just mean.
"License plates honor vets of current wars" ~ I say, absolutely. All vets should be honored in any way they wish. And if a Persian Gulf War I license plate gets them out of a speeding ticket, all the power to them.
"70% say brides should take their husband's name" ~ Who are these "70%" and why the hell is it any of their business if a bride takes her husband's name or not? I've got friends who have chosen both those options, and I'm all for the freedom to make that decision. Why do some people always feel like they should be able to decide how someone else lives their life? It makes me so MAD!!
"Tarmac ordeal renews push for flier's rights" ~ These people spent 14 hours in one of those little 50-seat planes, six or so of those hours on the tarmac in Minnesota or somewhere. Overnight. With babies and over-flowing toilets on the plane. These stories infuriate me, too. I like to think I'd be able to get Sydney and I off that plane if something like that was happening to us.
"Clinton to student: I'm Secretary of State, not Bill" ~ Honestly, I LOVE that she got testy about this. Some kid asks her what her husband thinks about something, and she's all, Listen. I'm the woman in charge here. Not Bill. (I paraphrase.) You want an opinion? Ask me.
"Slow-play rule in spotlight; Tiger fined for criticism" ~ Why, oh why, would the Tour want to irritate Tiger Woods? Not that the fine is a big deal or anything. And he should be able to criticize the Tour for rushing the players. You rush a golfer, you get lousy golfing. "Golfing," isn't a word, I don't think, nor should it be.
"Brooks & Dunn call it quits after 20 years" ~ Who is going to rock "Boot-Scooting Boogie" from now on? I actually saw Brooks & Dunn in concert at the Greek Theatre several years ago. Howie and I dragged Mom to the show. I have no idea where my t-shirt is, but I could probably find the program for you.

Monday, August 10

Sydney likes them, too

I had one of my stand-by dishes for dinner tonight. It's called, cutely, "sad-faced noodles." The meal itself is not a particularly healthy one, it consists of macaroni, butter, and salt and pepper. It's a yummy bowl of goodness though, that I have enjoyed regularly as long as I can remember. Mom made it for me since I was little. I never questioned the pasta dish itself as I got older. Instead, I always wondered why, oh why, the noodles are sad. Mom says it was me who did the dish naming, and I'll buy that, but still, I think, why the heck aren't they "happy-faced noodles?" I mean, they could be happy noodles, too, right? Or was I a particularly morbid or pessimistic child? Or maybe, just maybe, the noodles actually are sad ... because they know that they're dinner?

Sunday, August 9

I love that they seem to be laughing!

You know how a weekend can just get away from you? I mean, I know we did plenty of stuff over the last two days ... I just can't put my finger on where the time was spent. Naps, of course. And eating. But in looking around my house, I'm at a loss to understand what I've done with the last couple days.
Kimmie's weekend, by the numbers
Times Sydney peed in "Daddy's potty": 5
Dining out experiences: 3
Visits to the pool: 1
Hours spent reading while Sydney napped: 5
Loads of laundry: 2
Magazines read: 3
Dollars spent at grocery stores: 75
Books finished: 1
Movies watched: 1
Hours Brian spent at a seminar ... on a SUNDAY: 7
Well, having looked at the numbers on screen, I suppose it doesn't look too bad. I didn't get my homework done, or the Big List for next week's road trip written out, or enough hours of sleep myself, but I won't complain too much. I mean, really, Brian had to work today. THAT is a bad Sunday.

Friday, August 7

A weird testimonial to a burger stop

I think Sonic Drive-In is one of my favorite places to eat, especially when I don't care a bit about what I am putting in my body. My usual order is Combo #1: Sonic burger ... plain with nothing on it, medium tots, and a large iced tea with no lemon. (Sonic is one of the few places that consistently has delicious fresh-brewed iced tea, and in those, admittedly awful to the environment, Styrofoam cups, the tea stays super cold and icy for a long time.) I only get to enjoy about a third of the tots though, as the little creature in the backseat is quite demanding once they get in the car.
Just because this is my usual meal does not make it my favorite meal at Sonic. I prefer a bag full of corn dogs, mozzarella sticks and a large strawberry shake. But honestly, I haven't had that particular combination in a long, long time. Of course, you know me too well to think that I completely deny myself all of what I love so much. The shake is something I treat myself to as often as I can justify it, but the corn dogs and mozzarella sticks are just too much for me on any given day.
Brian prefers the cherry limeade drink, but doesn't really like the food there much, so when Sonic is on the agenda, you can be sure that it is a weekday, and that Sydney and I are in charge of lunch.

Wednesday, August 5

Is THIS the door to the poop?

So, a guy dies and gets sent to hell. He arrives, and is being shown around the place by the devil.
Devil: "You can choose from these three rooms in which to spend eternity."
Guy: "Okay."
The devil opens the door to room one, and inside, there are people upside down, with their heads in dirt.
In room two, people are upside down, too, but in concrete.
The devil opens the third room, and the guy sees all the people standing around, drinking coffee and eating donuts, up to their knees in poop.
It smells really bad, but the guy decides that standing around in poop is much better than being upside down in dirt or concrete. He enters the room, gets his coffee and donut, and settles into the room.
Guy thinks to himself: "This isn't so bad. It could be a lot worse."
Just then, a devil's henchman opens the door to the room and looks around.
Henchman: "Okay everyone! Coffee break's over! Back on your heads!!"

Someone else giving blogs a bad name

You all will let me know when you think my blog entries get "harrowing" or "chilling," won't you? I'm afraid that the guy in Pennsylvania didn't have ANY readers of his blog, otherwise I'm quite certain someone would have alerted the police about his murderous tendencies. Creepy.
I really do wonder now if there was someone who was reading that stuff and did nothing. You can have a blog and not have it published for anyone to see, but I get the feeling that this guy was looking for an intervention. And a girlfriend. Did it occur to him that maybe he was coming off as creepy and "chilling" as his blog and attitude demonstrate?
I hate that these people feel that they need to make an example of their pain by killing others. Why not just kill yourself and be done with it? Why bring other people into your very internal and selfish pain?

Tuesday, August 4

Ooohh ... she's a bit feisty

A couple things:
ITEM!: Really quick: Here's the poll on's web site today. It is specifically noted that the poll is not scientific.
Question: Do you keep your seat belt fastened during flights? Yes: 25%; Only during takeoff and landing: 14%; Yes, unless I have to get out of my seat for something: 62%.
Okay, who are the people who stay seated with their seat belts fastened even when they DO need to get out for something? That 16 percent will stay seated unconditionally, with no regard for any circumstances, and also will probably pee into their seat cushion. Why, on earth, would you answer that question with an absolute "Yes," when, goodness knows, everyone unlatches their seat belt at some point, on some flight, for some reason. And this is not to let the fools who only keep their seat belts fastened during takeoff and landing off the hook. Do they think they're rebels of some kind? Do they move around in their seats so much that they simply CAN'T stay belted, or that the belt loosened to its max is not comfortable on them? Those people kind of deserve to get tossed around the cabin with sudden turbulence, right?
ITEM!: I know this will be unpopular with my Republican friends, but I'm going to say it: I would TOTALLY vote for Bill Clinton again. Did you SEE that his little (big deal!) visit to North Korea got those two women journalists pardoned and released? That's fantastic! Diplomacy CAN work!! Back to Clinton: Do you remember how happy our country was all those years ago? No wars, no insurmountable debt, and I don't know if maybe I'm just not remembering it right, but I don't recall there being so much ... hate. Sure, we had issues, but there wasn't any verbiage that insisted that, if you didn't believe everything the government told you, and questioned anything, you weren't patriotic. I don't like that over the last several years, people who questioned what they were told (which is, by the way, our RESPONSIBILITY as citizens) were suddenly put on some random black list and considered to be unappreciative of the military at best, and traitors at worst. BUT I DIGRESS!! I would much rather have someone getting blowies in the Oval Office than all this garbage that has piled onto the country over the last nine years. And having seen what Clinton did today just kinda smacked me in the face about it.
ITEM!: I appreciate that the Twilight books have a huge following, but there's some distressing news coming from the book segment of the world. Apparently, Stephanie Meyer's series has set new records on the best-sellers lists. Records that, before now, belonged only to Harry Potter. Of course, as I've read both series of books, I can say this with some knowledge on the subject: There is no way that Twilight should be eclipsing anything regarding Harry Potter. That is all.

It just felt like a space shuttle kind of day.

Monday, August 3

My new phone is SO COOL!!!

It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I had no telephone in my house that would work without being plugged into the wall. This was bothersome. As a child of the earthquake state, I feel that it's imperative that there be a few earthquake-preparedness items in the home any time, at all times. A working flashlight in every room, plenty of bottled water, and a battery-powered radio, to name a few. A corded, non-electric phone also is on that list.
So then it becomes, where does one find a phone like that these days? I first thought about the totally cool, clear plastic slimline phone I had in college with the bright-colored wiring and parts in it. Mom bought that one for me at Radio Shack. I have since boycotted Radio Shack (on an un-related matter) and put a pax on the company, so checking out that store was out of the question. My next thought was, of course, Target.
You know, next time you're in Target, go down the aisle of cordless and corded phones. The cordless phones are plentiful. The corded phones are, shall we say, lacking in numbers. In fact, I found only one corded phone that required no power at all to use it. (The others had answering machines built into them.) It was an AT&T, white, corded slimline phone ... best part: $5.99.
What I loved the most was the phone's packaging: very simple box, AT&T's white and blue colors, well-taped so no one can open it and remove the phone, and in large lettering, "NO AC-POWER CORD IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS PHONE." This last part I love in particular, because it seems to scream its usefulness to those people who never knew that a phone without a power cord could possibly work.

Sunday, August 2

No constellations, just random placement

Well, Sydney's room is finished now. Late this afternoon, Brian and I FINALLY took the 15 minutes necessary to apply all the glow-in-the-dark stars to her bedroom ceiling. Don't ask me why such a thing is imperative to the decoration of a room. Instead, try to imagine her face this evening when she first saw the stars on the ceiling, and then the absolute awe in her eyes when I turned off the lamp and she saw them glowing.
Of course, she also had the stars in her last bedroom, but was too young when we put them up to notice, and then by the time she probably did notice them, just didn't even think twice about them. "Mom, don't ALL bedrooms have stars on their ceilings?" "No, honey, not ALL people's bedrooms. Yours certainly always will though."