Sunday, May 31

Yay books!

Sundays ... don't they go by in a blink?
You wake up, you're all happy because you've got a whole day of whatever ahead of you, and then *poof* the day's gone, it's getting late, and you don't feel like you've accomplished a damn thing. Not that I had an incredible list, or even any driving motivation to get anything done. No, I just had a vague desire to do something fun/entertaining/productive, and ended up with none of the above. Tomorrow is a different animal, what with play class and the gym listed high on our agenda.
You know what I did do today though? I started a book. Not writing one (that would require that aforementioned motivation), but reading one. And you know which one? The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. Yep, the book that Andrea gave me two or three years ago for my birthday, is finally cracked, and living with a sticky note bookmark. I said to myself, "Well, we might as well get the 'Summer Reading List 2009,' off to a rollicking start by reading the book that's sheer size has intimidated me for years!" And now, I'm three chapters deep -- I, of course, opened it when there was a mere 25 minutes left of naptime -- and am about to go get some more reading done tonight. That comfy chair in my bedroom is calling me!

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