Wednesday, May 13

Until January, I'm lost

I really can't believe that I have to wait so long to see what happens next on Lost. I feel like I've done a good job of not chatting up the show too much this season (even though it has been awesome), but tonight was the season finale. While I love that next season is the final season, and that the show's creators and producers can plan that far ahead to be sure that we're all happy with what we find out, I admit that I'm already feeling a little melancholy about it being over. You know how when Friends was over, we were all, "What the hell do I watch on Thursday nights now?" That will totally be how I feel once Lost is done. Of course, there is still the little matter of the nine months I have to wait for the next season anyway, and how I'll somehow manage to get through that time. So yes, I know I'll survive once the show is over, but come on, isn't the fun of it all in the waiting to find out what happens next?
Does the bomb plan work?
Will they all land safely in L.A.?
Or is everyone still stuck on the island but maybe now in the same time period?
I must know!!

On a completely different note, check out these rings. Not surprisingly, I really like them all. But where would you wear something like these? To the mall? Dinner at Chili's? A niece's graduation? I totally would, you know. I totally would.
A Christie's employee wears a sapphire (33.23 carats) and diamond ring by Repossi (left); a 30.52 carat diamond ring (D colour, Flawless) (center); and a Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ring (57.02 carats) (right) during an auction preview in Geneva May 4, 2009. The rings will be on sale May 11 in Geneva and are expected to reach between $220,000 and $270,000; $2,500,000 and $ 3,000,000; and $970,000 and $1,150,000
. -- Reuters

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