Thursday, May 21

Soon, I'll have my own grassy knoll

How do you like your random? With a squiggly line for an introduction to each bit? Granted.
~ I met with a landscaper this afternoon to discuss my backyard. He told me I'd have an estimate in my e-mail inbox this evening, but sadly, it has not appeared yet. Brian fears it'll be about a thousand dollars. That tells me that I could get away with anything up to $750.
~ FURNITURE ALERT! The curio cabinet will be mine! I have brokered the deal, and it was accepted. Awesome! Saturday is the day, and the morning is the time. Then, I'll get to play with filling it all day! I'm such a freak about that stuff, you know, and it will take me at least all day Saturday, and probably a couple little tweaks throughout the day on Sunday to get it perfect.
~ I bought cheesy stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Honestly, you'd be surprised at the ridiculous "As Seen on TV," product I picked up: the click and stick LED lights that I put in my closet so I could see my shoes better; and the airtight, vacuum-sealed clothing storage bags for the winter jackets in our coat closet. And I put all those things into use today, too. Not a one of my little projects is left for tomorrow.
~ I am giddy over this story I heard on the news today: A couple in Australia, who asked to have $10,000 transferred from one account to another, was instead the recipient of a crazy clerical error that deposited $10 million. The next day, when the bank tried to fix the error, it found that the couple had withdrawn the money -- all of it -- and was gone. They had closed up their little shop, and taken off. I'm feeling very envious of this, and say, good for them that they could just decide to do this, do it, and then just disappear. It's really quite fantastic.
~ I also baked a batch of brownies. They were not "special," unfortunately, but Brian has eaten a whole row already anyway. I wanted to see how well our oven would handle the culinary difficulty that is my brownies. Brownies sound super yummy right now. Hmmm. I'm going to go ahead and finish this post so I can go get myself one to eat, too.

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