Tuesday, May 26

I should just start wearing grown-up sandals

~ My new lawn is being installed tomorrow! Yay grass! The landscapers will be here between 7 and 7:30 a.m., and will come armed with shovels, tillers, pot soil and sod. How exciting! I'll be sure to turn on the misters for them, too, so they can cool off during breaks or whatever. I'm just so tickled to be getting my yard finally!
~ Brian and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night, and let me tell you, that one had me sobbing. I tend to cry quite often at movies, but some story lines (since I had my own baby), make me tear up more than ever before. That was the case last night. I enjoyed it though!
~ I just finished reading How to Have Style, by Issac Mizrahi, and I believe that I could really benefit from a visit by him and his team. I definitely fall into the "jeans for everything and anything" category, but would especially appreciate some insight into blouses, shirts and shoes. What makes it a bit harder, I think, for me in a warmer climate, is that there are always so many more choices when sweaters, coats, pants and dresses are thrown into the mix. Sadly, I am now stuck in a six-month summer cycle of clothing that consists of capris, t-shirts, skirts, camisoles and flip flops. I know, I know; there's a lot to be done with that, if I took the time to figure it out. Perhaps tomorrow, I will dress for the day, and not just "get dressed."
~ I feel, in a weird way, lighter, now that I have watched a load of movies, and read (okay, skimmed) through two of my nightstand books within one long weekend. You see what happens when I have no television commitments? It's fantastic! I'm one magazine away from being caught up on that pile, as well. Now, all I need is to start getting to bed at a decent hour again, and ... who knows? I could accomplish pretty much anything with eight hours of sleep, some gym time, more water intake, and a better diet.

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