Friday, May 29

My backyard looks awesome

Well, I'm about to quadruple our water output for the next week. (Yay greenery!)
We got our grass installed this morning, and doesn't it look fabulous?! Do you know how often you water new sod for the first week it's in? Four times a day, you wet it thoroughly (but do not soak), first thing in the morning, around lunch, at 4 or so, and again at night. That's the first week. The second week, it needs water three times a day; the third week, twice a day; and the fourth week and the days thereafter, the grass needs only once a day watering. It'll be a labor of love though, because I adore my grassy knoll!
Of course, I'll be eager for a lower maintenance watering schedule when it's finally to that point. I won't lie: I'm excited for once-a-day watering and less water usage, but the end result will be TOTALLY worth it.
I'm told there are hose attachment sprinkler heads that have timers on them. I will invest in that lovely contraption soon. But until then, it's just me and my garden hose keeping the grass green, drinking and happy.

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