Wednesday, May 27

I totally do this, too

JJ sent this remarkably appropriate cartoon to me this afternoon, and I must share it with you all. If you double-click it, you can see it bigger.
Also, I'm watching last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and it is a repeat that I swear I have already seen about four times. I knew, when I saw his tie (a lavender, mauve and slightly light blue confection), that this was, again, the Larry King episode. I hate it when the show goes into repeats for a week or so; I go into withdrawals for my snickering, satire- and sarcasm-laced news program.
Also, I just saw a Jack-in-the-Box commercial where the guy in the car asks for 99 tacos for 2 cents, instead of the proper order, which is two tacos for 99 cents. The funny "joke" is that the guy keeps getting confused, and giggles when the Jack on his dashboard asks him if he would really eat 99 tacos. What is really funny, is that the guy is so thinly acting the part of a stoned college kid in a drive-thru. That, my friends, is totally knowing your demographic.
Also, I got the new J.Crew catalog in the mail yesterday, so am eager to dig into it and see what I can't buy this month!

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