Sunday, May 3

I kinda fear my list ... wouldn't you?

As is my normal routine, I spent a portion of this afternoon preparing my random list of thing s to get done this week. Very interesting, I'm sure you can imagine.
Phone calls: L.A. Fitness ~ My normal gym is too far from the new house, and there is another L.A. Fitness right down the street from the new house. Apparently, "corporate" frowns on allowing members to switch from one local gym to a different local gym. It seems that "they" may try to make this difficult for me. Let's go with the first phone call and see. City of Scottsdale ~ I want a new, clean trash receptacle. Is that going to be a big deal? The UPS Store ~ Mom says that the local UPS Store has a bin (complete with a peace-of-mind ensuring lock) to collect papers for shredding from customers. I want to know if they're charging for this service.
Errands: Famous Footwear ~ A return to make, but not for me, because I didn't buy them. Target ~ Another return, though I will definitely hold on to the merchandise credit on this one. Coinstar kiosk ~ It's time to change in the change for dollars! Yay me! Dry cleaners ~ I've been driving around with all our cleaning in the back seat for a week. It simply must be done, just so I can have the other side of my back seat back again.
Activities: Of course, we've got our play class tomorrow morning, and hopefully, lunch on Tuesday with Nicole and Ella. But I think Sydney and I will make a trip to the zoo on Wednesday, too. It's getting too hot to do much outside, and will be so for the next several months very soon, so I'd love to make another quick walk through our lovely zoo.
Beyond all those things, my very real goal is to start living a normal life in our house. We've been here for a month and I still don't feel like it's a home yet. Sure, it's all put together, and I've got a fantastic list of stuff to buy, but we haven't established our routine here yet.
See? Very interesting stuff on the blog tonight.

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