Friday, May 1

Cactus is as cactus does

We spread Auntie Donna's ashes in the state park this morning. ... That's an absolutely, totally illegal thing to do, by the way, so be careful. ... We found a beautiful saguaro cactus that she would have loved to look at, and, after checking our surroundings for anyone who could blow the whistle on us, did a quick, but thoughtful, dumping of the ashes around the base of the plant. Per her wishes, we first spread the ashes of her cat, Jamima, and then each of us poured some of hers on the ground beneath the cactus. Then, we watered them so they'd both soak in and not just blow away, and then we hugged, and then we left. Sounds solemn, right? Not so much when accompanied by three kids who would scream, "LIZARD!!" and then go chasing the small reptile whenever they saw one moving along the ground. Still, it was a lovely walk, cactus hunt, moment and trek back to the cars. She'd have approved.

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