Sunday, May 17

Burn Notice: June 4, True Blood: June 14

ITEM!: Check out the little girl who showed the boys how it's done this weekend!! Rachel Alexandra is the first filly to win the Preakness in 85 years, and she did so beautifully! Yay girls!
ITEM!: Brian and I finally got out to see a movie this weekend! We saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and enjoyed it very much. So many times though, I wonder if I really enjoyed the movie as much as I thought I did, or if it's just the sheer joy of getting out of the house without the kid for an afternoon. Next weekend, I'm hoping to get a viewing of Star Trek on my agenda.
ITEM!: Sydney's balloon from Red Robin just descended from the ceiling in the living room to tickle Brian's ear with its ribbon right at a tension-building scene in his scary movie, thereby scaring the hell out of him. He just came in here to tell me. I decided to add it to the blog.
ITEM!: So there's some TV stuff going on recently. It's that time of year when the networks all figure out which of my fantasy lives will be renewed for next year, or which will be canceled, thus breaking my heart a little bit. I say, thankfully, that Chuck will be back next year (I was, actually, really hoping to hear this bit of news! I love this show!), as will Castle, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, 30 Rock, Heroes, The Office, and Gossip Girl. (It looks like my Mondays, if the schedules are to stay the same, would again be crazy with the DVRs.) Not everything is happy though. Only one of my shows, The Mentalist, is not yet totally committed to be back, but according to my source, it's a sure thing to return. Sadly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled. I missed the last four episodes, so that kind of makes me a bad fan of the show, but they're all still on my DVR. I'll be watching them soon so I know what happened, and then can bitch about the ending to it all.
And just when I thought that summer approaching meant that my television viewing would be at a standstill, and that I could possibly dig into the books that were on last year's Summer Reading List, I'm seeing advertisements for both Burn Notice and True Blood returning in June. I do love my TV, but honestly, I don't know if I'd rather there was nothing to watch. ... ... ... ... Hmmmm.... ... ... Yeah, you know I'll be excited to see them. [Insert internal negotiations and bargaining here.] It's only two nights out of the week after all, and for only an hour each, too.

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