Saturday, February 21

The tea and bundt cake are helping

You missed me, didn't you?
I've been driving back and forth to Hollywood pretty regularly, hanging out with Daddy as much as I can, which hasn't been much since most of my visits have been with Sydney, who isn't allowed in the area Daddy is anyway, and tends to get all fidgety when corralled in a little space. He won't be going home tomorrow, which is what we were initially told, but I'm hoping he'll be out soon.
It's been a rough week though. And to make it even more painful, I woke up with a heavy head cold yesterday morning. It's even worse today. I could tell you all about it, but it's boring to me, so I won't. I'll say that it irritates me because now I can't see anyone, since I don't want to get them sick. It's a given that Mom and Sydney will get it in some form, but I'll try to spare as many others as possible. You know, I'd suffer through a cold ten times as bad if I had some kind of guarantee that Sydney wouldn't catch it. But knowing that no matter how I try to prevent the spread, I just spend too much close face time with her to keep her from catching my ick.
But tomorrow! Tomorrow is Oscar day! And I get to watch the show with Mom! I so love the Oscars. I hope I'm feeling a lot better tomorrow, so I can enjoy it even more.

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