Sunday, February 15

Soccer "star" whines a lot

What kind of prima donna is David Beckham, the soccer guy? So he gets this tremendous paycheck to move to Los Angeles, is rescued from Spain to move to California, and he and Victoria are treated well by all Scientologists and celebrities alike, and now, after what, two years, he's decided he would rather play in Italy? What the hell, dude.
You knew that "football," or soccer, was going to be a tough sell in the U.S. You said you were looking forward to the challenge. Your brood was excited to live there.
And after two months of playing in Milan, you're all, "I want to stay here." Are they nicer to you there? Are you going to get more money? How long will you stay with the Italian team? Are you just trying to angle yourself back into the good graces of English football?
Major League Soccer was a good sport about it, I think, when they even negotiated with Milan about Beckham. Truth be told, he hasn't been the breakout fantastic player they thought they were buying, and I doubt the seats are selling any more than they did before Beckham arrived in L.A. But the Milan team, from what is being reported, wasn't too interested in cracking open the checkbook for Beckham. And now, Becks is all, "This is gonna be hard going back to L.A." (Insert a girlish whine in that statement wherever you want. It works throughout.)
Dude, get over it and deal with the contract you've signed. You seem to complain a lot, and never like where you end up playing. Just settle down and get over yourself.

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