Sunday, February 22

Oscars rock

Okay, it's the big day! Yay Oscars!!
I still feel like hell; am not fit for decent company due to the snot, cough and phlegm machine in my body; and may or may not be able to stay coherent throughout the entire broadcast. So, rather than have any kind of fun Oscar get-together or anything, Mom, Sydney and I will hunker down and watch the festivities from here on our own. It's all good. After all, check out my Oscar avatar!
So, you want picks? Here you go:
Leading Actor: Sean Penn; Leading Actress: Kate Winslet; Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger; Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz; Animated Feature: Wall*E; Art Direction: Revolutionary Road; Cinematography: The Dark Knight; Costume Design: The Duchess; Director: Danny Boyle; Documentary Feature: The Betrayal; Documentary Short: The Witness; Film Editing: Frost/Nixon; Foreign Language Film: Waltz with Bashir; Makeup: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Original Score: Wall*E; Original Song: "Down to Earth;" Short Film, Animated: This Way Up; Short Film, Live Action: The Pig; Sound Editing: Iron Man; Sound Mixing: The Dark Knight; Visual Effects: The Dark Knight; Screenplay, Adapted: The Reader; Screenplay, Original: Milk; Picture: Milk.
As you can see, I'm going on record for some crazy upsets. While I do think that Danny Boyle will win for directing, I think the Academy will give Milk the statue for Best Picture. Call it guilt over Brokeback Mountain, if you want, but I believe there's a bit of backlash against Slumdog Millionaire now. And I also think Sean Penn will win for Milk, rather than Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler. Random gut feeling, if you will. Some of them are the givens, like Kate Winslet and Heath Ledger. Others are guesses, such as the documentaries and short films. I suppose we'll see as the evening progresses!
The red carpet coverage just began. I'm flipping back and forth between the ABC coverage and E! coverage. I'm intrigued to see Ryan Seacrest fall on his face a couple times this afternoon. I'll catch you after the big broadcast!

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