Saturday, February 28

List item 1: Find somewhere to live

I am finally ready to greet March, which is good since it's coming tomorrow anyway. I've got an appointment to look at a rental house on Tuesday; I had an absolutely lovely day today, giving me an upbeat attitude rolling into tomorrow; Mom's made her travel arrangements for the end of the month; Daddy's home and doing well; and plans for the month are sliding into position. I also traded out all my Valentine' decorations for the St. Patrick's Day decorations. My house has gone from pink and red, hearts and love to leprechauns, shamrocks and greenness. I like it!
But the big news is, of course, entertainment and holiday related. Check me out, dear readers! I'm ready for Dancing with the Stars, which begins again on March 9! Just six days after U2's new album is released (3/3/09)! And just eight days before St. Patrick's Day, perhaps the holiday I take the most pride in, due to my fantastical Gramps!
Ah, yes. I think March may end up being a decent month after all. I just have to get my list together...

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