Wednesday, February 11

My new, and completely random, mission

I did a ridiculous Facebook thing today. I was sitting here, staring at my homepage this afternoon when I was struck with the idea to search the site for celebrities. (I had read somewhere about one celebrity, I think it was Kiefer Sutherland or someone, who has their own FB page under their real name, and is friends with anyone who requests.) So of course, I started with Angelina Jolie. Poor choice, as she is quite busy with all her children, charity work and movies. So, I decided to go local. For a giggle, I searched for the two anchors on my favorite newscast here in Phoenix: Steve Irvin and Katie Raml on ABC 15. Remarkably and happily, they both are on Facebook. I friend-requested both of them! To my utter delight, within an hour, Katie Raml accepted my request. Of course, she's got almost 900 friends, but I was pleased to see that she actually seems to be a Facebook addict, changing her status every day, including random stuff in it, and receiving posted messages from family, friends and fans on her page. Honestly, I think this is fantastic. Now, as I mention in my current status, I am compelled to come up with something so clever that she must comment on my status! I want to be in her "News Feed!"

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