Thursday, February 12

I heart River (still) ... and a pretty lip gloss

I recently decided to sort through my make-up and hair accessories drawers to clean out the old, ugly and really old stuff in there. (Why does someone who rarely wears make-up need 31 tubes of lipstick just in case?) I had mascara that was so congealed and sticky that the bristles on the brushes were flattened and stuck there by the act of pulling the stick out. I had lipsticks that I remember putting on for our Bar Slut Nights out, and those were in the 90s. I had eye shadows from college. All that was trashed. And now, I've got a crazy list of stuff to buy new and replace. Expensive? YES! Remarkably and in a crazy yet timely coincidence, in this month's In Style magazine, there is a feature on the best make-up that can be bought cheap in a drug store or the like. Some of this stuff is stuff I need, and I can get it for only $8 a tube? Awesome! I've never been into an Ulta. I must check out that store.
Did you all see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night? You know, I give this kid a free pass a lot of the time because I'm still in love with his dead older brother (I wanted to marry you, River!), but last night was so .... bleck. There is little a celebrity can do to make me fall out of like faster than give a bad interview, display poor manners and/or refuse to be at all sociable. And that was Phoenix in a nutshell. I'm not a huge fan of David Letterman -- I find him to be a bit rude more often than necessary -- but I was completely on board with his frustration level last night. A celebrity, or a guest of any kind, comes into your house to promote their project, and then they give bad interview? What the hell is that? Phoenix doesn't want to be an actor anymore. Fine, leave him be. He wants to be a hip-hop star. Fine, let him be. Again, bleck.

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