Wednesday, February 11

I heart living in a house

I don't think that I've mentioned yet that we're planning a move in a couple months. Brian and I have finally decided to leave the life of apartment dwellers behind us and rent a house. Yes, yes, we should buy. We know this. Sadly, we have no down payment for a home. So, renting is in our immediate future. Happily, there is no shortage of homes for rent in this economy, too. I've made inquiries into four homes over the last couple days, and have heard back from three of them. I'll start scheduling viewings of them tomorrow.
Then, I guess, I should go out and pick up my first purchase of boxes, packing paper and tape. While yes, I enjoy settling into a new place, I hate boxing up all my stuff for a cross-town move. The fact that we've got 7,000 pounds of belongings (EASILY!), is no less intimidating. Ugh. Anyone want to come help me?

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