Tuesday, February 17

Daddy and John Wayne are both tough guys

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes and kind notes: Daddy is doing fine. He should be out of the ICU tomorrow, and is looking really good. We got only a few minutes with him today, but I could tell that they took a toll on him. He seemed ready for a rest when we left. I'm excited to see how much better he will be tomorrow.
I figured out how to get my computer happily online for the rest of my visit, and for all my visits from now. We bought a 50-foot Ethernet cable, plugged it into the back of Mom's modem, rebooted said modem, and then ran the cable down the hall, over the banister and into the kitchen to the breakfast bar, where yours truly is typing away. And in 10 minutes, when The Mentalist begins, I will trade spots with Mom, who will then do all her e-mailing, Internets shopping and random surfing. It's a crazy simple solution, and I am very, very irritated that my head never rolled with this particular idea before tonight.
Andrea, Ryan and Lydia went to Disneyland today. I wish we could have gone with them. :(

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