Monday, February 9

Countdwn to March 9

Alright, the damn show has got me hooked again. I had hoped ... hoped ... that this season's Dancing with the Stars contestants would leave me lukewarm, as the last group did, and I wouldn't care at all. I had thought that I didn't need another show to watch this spring. And then, I heard who all was slated to dance this coming March. Here they are, and assorted comments:
Belinda Carlisle, singer -- I so love Belinda Carlisle, and she'll be the big star I'm rooting for throughout her run on the show. She's the main reason I decided to dive into this again, if you must know.
Stephen "Steve-O" Glover, reality-TV star -- Except for the fact that he was on Jackass, I have no interest in him whatsoever. I foresee that he'll be the first jackass kicked off.
David Alan Grier, comedian -- When it comes to the comedians, I always fear that they will use the show more for fodder than as an actual entertainment. Please don't condescend or make jokes. Take this seriously!
Shawn Johnson, Olympic gymnast -- She's going to be amazing. She's another reason why I'll be tuning in.
Jewel Kilcher, singer, TV personality -- How did they manage to rope her into this? Awesome!
Lil Kim, rapper -- It's the boobs, really. She wears such crazy outfits sometimes, that I'm compelled to see how DWTS intends to embarrass her with her dresses.
Gilles Marini, actor -- This is Samantha's naked neighbor from Sex and the City: The Movie. What? You need more?
Ty Murray, former rodeo cowboy -- Murray and Jewel are married. They rock because they're doing this together.
Nancy O'Dell, entertainment anchor -- I quite like Nancy O'Dell. I miss her and Mark McGrath on Extra. (I don't like Mario Lopez. He's everywhere, like Ryan Seacrest.) I hope O'Dell does well!
Denise Richards, actress -- This is where they almost lost me completely. Who needs the kind of crazy that Richards brings? She's IRRITATING! Make her go away! I will be rooting for her to depart early so I can enjoy the rest of the show.
Lawrence Taylor, retired NFL player -- Football players are awesome, and LT is among the best. Let's see how he rolls with the fancy pants and satin shirts.
Chuck Wicks, singer -- I don't know. Indifference?
Steve Wozniack, technology billionaire -- This guy helped build Apple. He's a god just for that. Who cares how well he can dance? Me. He better be decent.

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