Sunday, February 1

Cardinals win it?

I'm watching Super Bowl pregame coverage right now. Sydney's sleeping, Daisy's crashed out in her room next to the crib (cute!), Oliver is somewhere also sleeping, and I'm chilling on the sofa in front of the television. You know what's on? They're recapping last year's big game, if you can believe it. And still, a full year later, I'm frickin' bitter about the damn Giants beating the Patriots. Ridiculous.
Anyway, a random thing happened to me as my kid and I walked to the car on our way out to lunch today. Some guy ... a stranger ... walked past us, smiled and exclaimed, "Go Cardinals!" Honestly, it stunned me a little bit. You just don't see team support like that on a random Phoenix afternoon. Of course, I know today isn't a random sports day, but still, that kind of unsolicited spirit was a bit surprising.
I'll be cheering for the Cardinals, as I've told you all before. The people out here need the happy.

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