Thursday, February 26

And no, it's NOT a cute, little throw pillow either

I honestly did not think that so many days had passed since I last posted something here. Apparently, I've been quite the slacker while I was all sick, right? Highlights of the last few days: Daddy's out of the hospital; Sydney and I are back in Arizona; I still have the head cold, though everyday it's a little less; and we dropped Sydney's music class.
We dropped the music class because Sydney has had a hard time staying focused in the class over the last few weeks, and just seemed bored. This past Wednesday was the last straw. She wanted nothing to do with the class activities, and only ran around the space in circles. Bizarre, but she definitely got her point across to me and the teacher. No more music! Instead, something a bit more active that I'll have to figure out to add to our weekly agenda.
Also, I committed a ridiculous sin that I can't take back, nor can I remove the knowledge from my brain. Mom and I researched the nutritional information on our favorite Starbucks drinks. My decaf grande espresso truffle has 330 calories. Yep, you read that right: 330 CALORIES. That is just wrong. It does, however, explain where this random little pillow of FAT around my middle has come from. I've been partaking in the espresso truffle every morning, or so, over the last couple months ... and maybe even one in the afternoon, if I felt like it. That regular habit ends now. Well, actually, it ended last week, after I read that troubling bit of news. My mocha has 230 calories. The venti iced passion tea only has 120, so that'll become my go-to drink from now on. Damn the calories! So a chocolate drink of some kind is now a "special treat," instead of something that I am due, simply because I want to get rid of this random little pillow of FAT around my middle.

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