Sunday, February 22

37% correct is not good at all

Dude, my picks sucked. I got exactly nine out of 24 possible correct selections. That, I think, could be the worse I ever did ever. I will blame it on my head cold. And the fact that the only movie that I'd seen out of most of the nominees was The Dark Knight. This year, I will see more movies. I vow it, here and now. I will probably fail, but at least I made a forceful vow, right? I will brag about some of my correct predictions: Penelope Cruz, Heath Ledger, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn, Danny Boyle, and Wall*E.
A few comments about tonight's telecast:
Hugh Jackman was frickin' awesome. Mom was consistently surprised by his talent, and I was pleased by his effort, flawless timing and the enjoyment that he obviously had for his task this evening.
I loved the presentation format for acting awards. The sheer volume of talent in that room sometimes was awe-inspiring. I loved the way they presented each nominee. Just fantastic.
The dresses were stunning. No one, really, had any outfit that made us say, "Wow," in a good or bad way. That was interesting.
Mom really enjoyed it. She loved the massive show of star power for the actor and actress categories.

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