Thursday, January 29

10 opinions, no more, no less

I'm just going to throw some opinions out there, like you know I love to do:
1.) I agree with all the fashionistas who think that Angelina Jolie isn't dressing fancy enough this awards season. Boring gold, boring blue, boring angles, and boring dresses. Angelina, please, please, please wear something to the Oscars that will awe and amaze me!
2.) Rock on to the Illinois State Senate for throwing Rod Blagojavich out of office. Finally! Someone being held accountable for their actions instead of being given tons of money to help fix their mistakes. The guy was an egotistical, greedy dude who totally deserved to get fired ... allegedly!
3.) Yay President Obama for calling Wall Street and their frickin' irresponsibility was it is: shameful. It's about time someone besides Jon Stewart said it. Who do these guys think they are to be giving out million-dollar bonuses and then begging for help from the government? They should make them all pay the money back.
4.) There's a survey out there showing that at least half of Americans wish they lived somewhere else. I'm one of them, and it sucks being lumped into a survey like that!
5.) I'm somewhat ambivalent to the post office maybe cutting back service to five days a week. I think the idea was to not deliver on Wednesday, or something? I'm down with that, but I also can appreciate how most people would be up in arms about it.
6.) Jessica Simpson looks fine, and it's nobody's business but hers about the size of her butt, hips and stomach. All the power to her for however she looks, and f*ck the news outlets and tabloids making a big deal out of it.
7.) Speaking of Jon Stewart, I'm now obsessed with a stimulus plan that he popped off during one of his shows this week. Idea: Give the money to the people, to pay off their debts only. Banks would get the money, people would get out of debt (and therefore spend more), and everyone would be happy. I think it's brilliant. And would save me so much in interest!
8.) This may be the first Super Bowl halftime show that I purposefully ignore. I go on record right now: I do not like Bruce Springsteen the singer. I think he yells a lot, and has a scratchy throat all the time.
9.) The Grammys though, did manage to attract my attention by announcing that U2 will be performing on the telecast. They'll probably sing their new song (something about boots), and I'm eager to see the band perform it!
10.) I'm totally at sea with this whole peanut recall. The guy in Georgia, who's in charge of the department in charge of checking for dirty stuff in food processing plants, said that he was satisfied with the work his department had done over the last few years when checking out the suspected peanut plant. Really? Really? Are you satisfied? Will you eat some peanuts from that place and then answer that question again?

Wednesday, January 28

22. Satellite radio is ambrosia

There's this chain letter thing going around Facebook right now, called "My 25 Things." The point of it is to list 25 things about yourself that few people, if any, know about you. Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with some of them. In reading through the list again tonight, I could tell that I was feeling a bit headachy and melancholy when I wrote it.
That's not to say that they aren't true, because they totally are, but I would have liked to have a more lighthearted list. Fun stuff, like perhaps listing a few of my favorite neuroses. -- 1. Refrigerator magnets must be lined up in a grid; 2. bedroom toys in the bedroom, living room toys in the living room ... every night before bedtime; 3. all 26 alphabet blocks constantly and repeatedly accounted for; 4. living room television volume no louder than 10, or I can tell, and can't fall asleep. -- Those kinds of things would have been more fun, but perhaps too personal? Even Brian is only privy to a few of my internal issues. So many of them I just do and handle on my own, without him even knowing.
And this weekend, with Brian out of town at a dental convention, I intend to let my, shall we say, compulsiveness be free of all restrictions. I'm really looking forward to taking care of a few shady corners of my apartment, and cleaning stuff out. It's always easier when I don't have to worry about someone looking over my shoulder. I see a hallway full of garbage bags in my future, and I like it! Stealth cleaning, yeah, that's it. I think it's fair to call that one of my neuroses. Definitely.

Monday, January 26

Ollie, ollie, oxen free!

Congratulations, and Happy New Year, for this is the Year of the Ox!
According to Yahoo!'s homepage on the subject: The Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. This powerful sign is a born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint.
Ox people need peace and quiet to work through their ideas, and when they have set their mind on something it is hard for them to be convinced otherwise. An Ox person has a very logical mind and is extremely systematic in whatever they do, though they have a tremendous imagination and an unparalleled appreciation for beauty. These people speak little but are extremely intelligent. When necessary, they are articulate and eloquent.
I was not born in a Year of the Ox, but I'll go ahead and celebrate it anyway.

Sunday, January 25

It's mine, and now it's also full of my stuff

I loaded all my stuff into the new car this afternoon. It's an interesting thing, moving all the clutter from one car into another. All those little nooks and crannies that housed random hats, water bottles, Altoid tins, and change? Not quite available in the new car. How do I live without a change catcher? There's no ashtray in this car, if you can believe that. I've got the lighter charger still, but no little catcher for my stray dimes, nickels and quarters. Also, no nets above the backseats for the hats and good-karma dolls: Malificent and Cruella De Evil. It's fun finding new places to house all those things!
So we get home from dinner tonight, and find that Daisy has powered through one of Sydney's stuffed toys, devouring the entire top two inches of the toy's pointed hat and spreading stuffing all over the baby's room. This annoys me. Now, I'm just sitting here waiting for the frickin' dog to vomit up all that yarn and fabric onto my carpet. Lovely.
I'm not watching the Screen Actors Guild award show tonight. I'm not sure why, since you all know how much I love the awards shows. I'm all, dinner, baby, dog eating toy, cheesy movie, computer, blah, blah, blah. I just didn't feel the need for it, I guess. But yay for Kate Winslet again!

Saturday, January 24

Yes, yes, yes, it HAS to be red

Well, my dears! There is one less thing in this world for Kimmie to bitch about now! Yay new car! Sydney and I are now rolling a Volkswagen Jetta. It's bright red, as I'm sure you all would figure it would have to be for me to drive it, and it's got a turbo engine, which makes it super quick. There's plenty of room in the back seat and in the trunk, and I can't wait to get all my stuff inside to clutter it all up. I can see a bit of a learning curve for me to learn its dimensions: I took a slow and steady approach to my parking spot tonight. I really can't wait to drive it tomorrow!
So, I've got to say, I'm moving really well through my list of "Big Things I Wanted to Accomplish, 2009" so far this year. (New computer? CHECK. New car? CHECK.) Irritations, frustrations and fears were large on my mind every time I would get into the Land Rover, and now, I'm feeling more confident about the new car. But don't get me wrong ... I proudly admit that I cried my eyes out as we drove away from that car.

Friday, January 23

I don't remember ... how many wives?

What is with me lately, and this pathological need to stay up way past my bedtime? You know, there was a time when I was in bed about 10 p.m. every night. Just because that was my bedtime. The last few weeks though, the witching hour has been a bit later, and I'm not closing my eyes until closer to midnight. Every night has a good reason, as tonight, I watched the first three episodes of season one of the Showtime show The Tudors.
Opinion: I actually quite liked it, and am looking forward to getting the second disc of the season. What I don't like is all the females getting married off so Henry can forge political alliances. The most disturbing is the betrothal of his daughter, Mary, to the king of Spain, at the age of ... oh, I don't know ... six, to be carried out upon her twelfth birthday. Twelve?! I was hoping it would be 16 or even 18 or something. But 12?! Beyond that unpleasantness, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is frickin' awesome. I can't tell if I would enjoy the show better if I was either much more knowledgeable of that time, or if I knew absolutely nothing. Because my vague recollections of stuff that I may be remembering right is bugging me.
But back to topic, it's 15 minutes to 12 a.m., and I'm still awake, computer on my lap, and wearing my sweats, not my pajamas.
I'm test-driving a VW Jetta tomorrow! I'm excited!!

Thursday, January 22

Frustration, thy source is car

It looks like Kimmie will be getting a new car soon! I don't think I said yet that I had more troubles with the Land Rover, and it spent the day at the dealership today. The problem was minimal -- the negative battery cable had to be better secured (you were right, Daddy) -- and didn't cost a whole lot, but it did nothing but stress me out about the car again. I mean, really, I've been so lucky that all these ridiculous issues have happened when I've been home. How pissed would I be about being stuck at the grocery store, or play class, and have the car be all kaput? Very. That fear used to be something that worried me, but now, thinking about that happening with Sydney in the car just infuriates me. So the decision has been made and Kimmie's looking around for a new car. I've actually got one in mind, and I'm really excited about test-driving in Saturday. And, of course, it must be available in red.
Here's my hiccup for the thing: For whatever reason, the electronic title for the car is in Massachusetts. I said that all simple and quick, but it's still true. As far as Arizona is concerned, the car is here, but not owned here. I'm like, "That's stupid. I bought the car here in 2002. I paid off the car here in 2007. How is the four years in the middle, when it was in Boston, meaning anything at all?" They don't know. Well, this is an issue for Bank of America, and believe me, they will be hearing from me first thing tomorrow morning so they can take care of this. Because I can't trade in the car without the "title" (It's not a pink slip in Arizona, the lady condescends to me, it's called a title. I said, "Well, then I need a copy of the title"), this situation is currently pissing me off a whole lot. It feels like things are kind of conspiring against me, you know?

Throwing "you know" at the end of that sentence reminds me of Caroline Kennedy and her pulling herself out of contention for New York's vacated seat in the Senate. They say that some issues with a housekeeper and taxes may be the reason, but I'm inclined to agree with the gossips that suggest that part of it has to do with the disastrous interviews she did during her "campaign." Her insanely overwhelming repetition of "you know" was enough to make this editor's ears bleed, you know?

Wednesday, January 21

It was on my calendar: LOST returns!

Alright, kids, it's that time of year again! Lost is back! The show's fifth season premiered on ABC tonight, and Brian and I were ready and willing to spend the two-hour sofa time watching it. I did not give myself any kind of a primer on the show, like I could have, so instead dove into the program blind and somewhat forgetful of the stuff that had us floored when the show ended last year. Example: "Oh yeah! The island disappeared! And Sawyer jumped! That's right, Jack had that awful beard again!" Well, I'm proud to report that I was able to snuggle right in to the hanging plots, dangling subplots and careening loops fairly well, and could even answer the stray question from my sofa partner along the way.
Still, I will admit to being a bit overwhelmed by two hours of Lost. (So many time jumps and plot twists and turns!) There is so much information in a single-hour episode, and so much to piece together, that honestly, two hours of it made my head hurt. Lost rocks, but for me, seems to be best in a shorter, more powerful sucker punch to the gut. I'm so excited for next week!

Tuesday, January 20

Obama overdose

Well, I totally enjoyed it, and bought into the hype, and dug every minute of it, but now, at the end of this January 20, I'm over it. I think I overdosed on Obama today. I even watched the Nightline special, after watching the special Nightly News, after watching all day's coverage. I was very monogamous too, only staying with NBC, because CBS, Fox and ABC bug me. I actually really like Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw, mainly because I know that they can be funny, as evidenced by their visits to The Daily Show. (One reason why I don't like ABC is strictly because, even though they have their nightly World News on the HD channel, the actual show is not done in HD. That's irresponsible, I think. Rude, too, to those of us who pay for HD.)
So, in sticking with NBC, I saw a lot of the same stuff, over and over again, but the commentary was good, so I'm not complaining in the least. I actually thought all the coverage was fantastic. It's just that I took in a lot of it throughout my day, and I just might bleed a little from the ears if I see another part of the speech, or Michelle's bold green/gold dress, or Aretha Franklin's bow hat, or the schematics of the new limousine. However, I'll totally admit to love, love, loving Sasha Obama's pink and orange coat, scarf and gloves ensemble. I heard it was from J.Crew's Crewcuts, the kids' line. I wonder if it comes in grown-up sizes.
At any rate, I'm pleased to say that I've restricted anymore news viewings for tonight. Right now, I'm watching Burn Notice, which is much more entertaining anyway. And once the show is over, I'll be turning the TV off entirely and going to bed. It's been a long day of staring at that glowing screen, and I'm ready to move on to tomorrow.

Inauguration Day, 2009

Can you believe all the pomp and circumstance going on today? How awesome is all this? I'm watching the final steps of the inauguration parade, and smiling at Al Roker's obviously giddy reaction to getting a couple words out of President Obama as the president walked by him. What an amazing event we all witnessed on television today. I'm sorry that Sydney is too young to understand everything that's going on, because first, she can't appreciate the history and exhilaration of the day, but also because she's bugging me to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and Toot & Puddle. I mean, the shows are on in the bedroom; why does she have to watch it out in the living room? At any rate, for today, Mommy pulls rank, and we watch what Mommy wants to watch.
Without going in to too much of the day, I'll say that I was awed with the display by the government and its citizens; impressed by the president's speech; amazed that everyone seemed so happy; and touched by the genuine show of patriotism. What a great day.
Well, kids, let's raise a glass to hope, change and the beginning of a new era of American politics.

Monday, January 19

"Can it be small? And purple?"

There is, I'm not kidding, a tattoo shop in Phoenix giving out free Cardinals logo tattoos to the first 50 customers to walk through the shop's door every day until Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone who comes in after that can get the same tattoo for only $21. Wow. That's a deal. Of course, for the news story, they actually were able to broadcast some video of a guy getting one. It was ... sexy? It really just looked painful. Blood and all that.
You've got to appreciate all the Cardinals love going on out here right now. The team is the lead story for the news, in so many ways. They're trying to scare the little Cards fans.
1.) Be careful of the tickets you buy; beware! Dozens of people were screwed, and pissed about it, when they brought their tickets, bought off Craigslist, to the stadium gate only to discover that they were counterfeit.
2.) There is a lot of fake Cardinals gear out there; beware! Customers are already getting tapped by people faking t-shirts, hats, keychains, all that stuff. Per the NFL: People should only buy the stuff sanctioned by the NFL.
3.) Don't get too excited; beware! As almost every sports outlet (national and local) are very fond of telling anyone who will listen, the Cardinals are underdogs, and are not considered even a chance to win this game. "So don't get too psyched about them being champions, people," they seem to be saying. "You'll only be disappointed; they are, after all, the Cardinals."

Sunday, January 18

36 is, after all, only a number. Ugh ... 36

As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty good. I mean, well, 36 is 36. But beyond that, it was a nice day! My lunch plans went awry because the P.F. Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon had us penned in a 10-square block area surrounding our apartment. My options were Taco Bell, McD's, Red Lobster and Olive Garden. My goodness, the lesser of four evils. Olive Garden, it was. But after lunch, and once we got Sydney down for her nap, Brian and I settled in to the sofa and the first football game of the day, well, that's when the world went all topsy-turvy.
Did you all see that game? Do you all even believe that the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl? CRAZY! It's like we live in an alternate universe! It just looks all weird to have the Cardinals bird sitting in the graphics promoting the Big Game. Weird. But, like I told Josh on Facebook, we're compelled to cheer for the Cardinals now, simply because it gets really hot here during the summer, and the people here need something to be happy about.
Anyway, I got all kinds of birthday wishes throughout the day from all my favorite people (To Daddy: Sydney made me replay that animated dog card about a hundred times! She loved it!), which aways makes me happy! Except for the numbers increasing, birthdays are really very good days for me. I like them. Sadly, I didn't have any official birthday cake (which was fine), nor did I have any cupcakes (which also was fine), but I did finish all the bundlets and had one of Brian's pomegranate/dark chocolate Haagen Dazs confections from the freezer (not fine, but they tasted really good!). Add to that all the wishes from all of you, and my day was not a neglected one! That's the best kind of birthday!

Saturday, January 17

A new Mac makes for a happy girl!

So I'm blogging to you right now on my brand new computer! Mom and her American Express points rock the house!! It's got a different kind of keyboard, so that'll take some getting used to, and just the whole thing is super new, so the entire thing is a bit of a learning curve for me. I mean, really, my laptop is nine years old. I imagine that there's been quite a bit of improvement done to the machines since then. I'm figuring that all out right now. Oh, don't think I'm not thoroughly enjoying the discovery of all the new and different bits and pieces.
Did you know that with the purchase of a new computer, you can transfer all the information on the old machine to the new one? And that the new computer is totally in charge of the entire operation is even better. Just sit back, chill for about an hour, then get rolling on updating the stuff, and all is good!
At any rate, this post is sucking bad because I'm so distracted by the computer, as well as The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Friday, January 16

Top 10 Goodnesses for Friday

I'm going to go ahead and bullet point the 10 happy things that we saw today while we were out and about:
1.) A little boy leaving play class as Mom, Sydney and I arrived. His name was Howie. It was right there, written on his name sticker, and it was frickin' adorable. Howie.
2.) Sydney catching bubbles on her fingers in class. Her motor skills are improving and expanding through the roof, and I'm so proud of her for growing up so well.
3.) We didn't have to wait for lunch today. Mom and I love a local pizza joint around the corner, and the place usually has a monster wait. Not today.
4.) New jeans with a pink shamrock on the stitching.
5.) Gymbucks, Gymbucks, Gymbucks.
6.) The very cool keychain that I denied myself months ago, is currently on hold, under my name, at another store, and will be picked up tomorrow.
7.) Mom's pilfering one of my Christmas presents, and I'm okay with it, because she likes it so much.
8.) We've made the tentative plans for our next trip to Disneyland.
9.) Dinner with the Edgar sisters; yummy Mexican food; and "It's a sad face."
10.) Chocolate chocolate chip and lemon bundt cakes.

Thursday, January 15

Steel birds that float

Wow. If you're going to be in an airplane crash, this is the kind of crash you should be in. Not to belittle the actual fear, shock and trauma of the passengers on this US Airways flight from LaGuardia to Charlotte, N.C. at all (because really, the shit must have been terrifying), but since they all survived with only a couple broken legs and some cold limbs, it's easy to look at this with an eye towards irony instead of tragedy. You can say it: These people are set for life on an airplane. They'll never have to worry about being in another plane crash, because the odds are so far against it ever happening to them again, that they can frickin' roll onto Oceanic 815 with no concerns. That being said, they are so lucky that their pilot is a rock star, with Air Force fighter jet piloting on his resume, and was able to miraculously get them out of the air and on the ground (or in the water) without getting hurt.
And who knew that a bird could bring down a plane? The scuttlebutt on that on CNN this afternoon is that jet engines are designed to be able to inhale a bird or two up to a certain weight. So, say, a pigeon, doesn't give a jet pause, but a Canadian goose, which they suspect was the culprit today, can shut the whole engine down.
Raise a glass, and let's toast a pilot with nerves of steel, who will now be able to retire with full benefits and a shitload of money as his monthly income, because he managed to lose only a plane, instead of all the people on it.

Wednesday, January 14

That's Yosemite

Well, today was significantly less poopy than yesterday. Huzzah! From now on, I think that may be an underlying determination of how my days go. Weird.

Tuesday, January 13

Squirrels, I imagine, have little poops

Oh my goodness, did I not have just one of those afternoons today. And you know what? I'm gonna get descriptive with you.
My baby girl ... my angel ... my sweet darling ... pulled off her poopy diaper after her nap this afternoon, and proceeded to play, yes play, with the poopy inside, allowing it to fall all over the bed. From there, it got gross, with the child stepping all over it, smooshing it around her bed, and all over her blankets, toys and crib paraphernalia. Imagine my surprise upon entering the room to take her out of her crib.
Her hands were crusty with poop; she had peed in a puddle; and the room smelled nasty. It took me a beat of 15 seconds, no joke, before I could even figure out what to make of the situation. And what's the baby's reaction to my reaction? "Hi, Momma!" And she then danced around her poop-laden crib, butt naked and thinking it was a funny thing.
I guess I began with her hands: I pulled out the wipes, trying to minimize the ick, but finally just gave up. She chilled in the poopy crib while I went in and started a bath for her. I picked her up (back to me so she couldn't touch me with her poopy hands) and walked her into the tub. From there, I left the child to play with the toys and water (Do you think me bad for leaving a toddler in a bathtub by herself? Piss off. Next time, you come over and clean it up while I watch her frolic in the water), while I used toilet paper to pick up the poop pieces to flush down the toilet; stripped the bed; tossed the used diaper in the pail; and carried it all -- stuffed animals, sheet, mattress pad, blankets and clothes -- to the washer and started the first load to be cleaned. With that done, I got out my Clorox disinfectant spray to clean the mattress and to remove the POOPY HANDPRINTS from the crib slats. (Jeez, can you believe this story?)
So now, with the room stripped clean and in a disarray, but finally poop free, I was able to cleanse the baby herself. But get this: With the bath done, and lotion applied, the kid frickin' squats right there and pees all over the bathmat. HONESTLY! I was shocked into silence, if you must know. Could I handle anymore anything being evicted from that little body today? Would you believe me if I told you that she pooped TWICE more before going to bed tonight?
Someone tell me that this happens to every parent of a toddler! Or was she actually plotting against me in some weird and smelly way? Ack!!

Monday, January 12

I don't like Ryan Seacrest

I love this whole Angelina and Brad diss Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Golden Globes thing. Full disclosure: I find Ryan Seacrest to be one of the more irritating humans on the planet (actually, in my opinion, kinda comparable to Beyonce, though my dislike of her is a bit more irrational). Anyway, the reality that Seacrest is all over the place, and everywhere all day, makes it worse. So the fact that I may have a dislike for this guy in common with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie makes me feel happy, and a little cooler, as a person. The part where Seacrest chases them down the carpet, and walks away empty, is picture perfect in so many ways. Here's where he shows some humility about the whole thing, but still comes off looking like an ass:
On his KIIS-FM radio show Monday, Ryan Seacrest spoke out about Angelina Jolie dissing him on the red carpet at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards. Seacrest had gotten up next to the actress and beau Brad Pitt, hoping to score an interview on E!'s pre-show.
"Hi, guys. Brad? Angelina?" he said, but they ignored his advance and brushed by him.
Seacrest's take on the incident? "I don't think Angelina thinks I'm that important," he said on his show Monday. "I don't think I'm top of mind for Brad and Angelina. I honestly don't believe they'd know who I was if I walked over there."
When guest Perez Hilton told Seacrest that that's impossible, as he hosts the No. 1 show American Idol, the TV personality shot back: "Yeah...but they live in France!"
Jolie and Pitt did stop for NBC's Billy Bush, but Seacrest said, "there's an NBC deal there. NBC hosted the Globes, and they have a deal to talk to the people who come to the Globes.

"Here's what I realized when I went down there," Seacrest went on. "I realized quickly that it's against the rules to walk down onto the carpet from the platform.
"Then we went back down there and caught up with Tom Cruise , who I think is a terrific guy. I think he's really cool," he said. "By the way, have you seen his skin tone up close lately? You should!"
Seacrest clashed with Jolie before: At the 2006 Golden Globes, he asked her what she fed her children that day and she icily replied, "Cereal, we made cereal."
He later called her "cold" for being so unresponsive. Turns out, Jolie's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was on her death bed at the time.

Sunday, January 11

Kate + Leo 4-ever

I know that this isn't the best picture of the two of them from tonight, but it's the best I could do at 10:40 p.m. There was just so much fantastic involved in tonight's Golden Globes, that I'm fairly bursting to spit it all out for you.
First and foremost, the cuteness that is Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I love that they are best friends, and have been since Titanic. I read somewhere that they are the kind of friends that call each other in the middle of the night just to say hi. And that is awesome. I love that they walked the red carpet together, and were so comfortable hanging out with each other. I love that she cried thanking him, and that he was on the verge of tears watching her from his seat when she won for Revolutionary Road.
Random comments: Holy crap, Angelina Jolie looks amazing for someone who just gave birth to twins five months ago. And she is wearing a neutral color, which was very popular this evening. As was neutral lip color. Somewhat boring, that. ... Drew Barrymore looked stunning. Even the crazy hair was working in a fantastic way. ... Who sticks their tongue out at the camera at the Golden Globes? Miley Cyrus. It was unattractive. And speaking of irritating Disney kid stars: When will the Jonas Brothers go away? ... I love seeing former costars hanging out together, and I imagine they have a good time catching up, much the same way I enjoy spending time with my divas. I like that Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore sat next to each other. ... And Marisa Tomei went to the party as a gypsy. ... How great was everyone associated with 30 Rock? ... I am bummed for Maryl Streep not winning for Mamma Mia!, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road. Will he and Kate Winslet ever get any Oscar love? (Maybe this year!!) ...
Holy guacamole, what kind of bet did Renee Zellweger lose to have to come out for a big event in that dress? And why did she let a bird nest in her hair? Awful! ... It's great that Rumer Willis got to be Miss Golden Globe, as she missed out on it last year. I dig Demi Moore telling her not to slouch on national television, too. ... Robert Downey, Jr. wore tennies. ... Even though I haven't seen the film, I'll say shenanigans that Mickey Rourke won for best actor in a movie drama. I'm thinking there was a fair amount of hype and hoopla invoved in that decision, and I hope that kind of tomfoolery thinking doesn't pervade the Oscar ballots. ... Ricky Gervais, with his beer on stage and everything, cracked me up. I thought all the presenters' ad-libbing and off-the-cuff stuff rocked. ... And who exactly was that stick-thin girl from the happy movie? You could see her shoulder joints! Her arms were matches! Someone get her a sandwich! With cheese in it!

Friday, January 9

Awards season is here!

The Golden Globes awards ceremony is on this Sunday night, and I have to tell you, I'm finding it hard to care. I mean, of course I'll watch it, because that's what I do, but there's a certain amount of absolute antipathy when one hasn't seen most of the movies and performances nominated. Sure, The Dark Knight, but that's it. I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt, Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Frost/Nixon. And honestly, not a one of those seems remotely uplifting, so even if I didn't have a kid, I may not have seen them. But this year, going into this awards ceremony, I can only feel confident having any bit of an opinion about the television awards.
Still, at least there's actually going to be a ceremony this year. Remember that last year's was canceled because of the writer's strike, and the whole thing was dumbed down into a pseudo-press conference broadcasted in 30 minutes of television time.

Missed it by that much

Honestly, I was all, Get Smart can't be that bad. I know I avoided Evan Almighty for a reason, but in general, Steve Carell doesn't very often steer me wrong. So, even though Brian wanted nothing to do with this particular Netflix choice, I brought it into our home, and today, watched it. I now say, "Meh." I had hoped for a little gem, but instead got hit in the head with a rock. Oh! And that's kind of punny, because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, was the best part of the movie! (That's why I took this photo off the Internets. Because he's in it, and not just Carell and Anne Hathaway, who bugs me for no reason at all.) Anyway, in the movie, he staples a guy in the forehead! And totally is like, "I stapled him in the forehead because he left a paper jam in the copier." Awesome. That's just funny.

Thursday, January 8

Now she can go to the dog park

You know how sometimes you take the dog to the vet for a simple rabies vaccination, and end up $200 in the hole because of all the other stuff that needed to be done that you didn't realize until you got there and talked with the doctor? Yeah, well that happened to me this morning. As I said, simple rabies vaccination. But then, let's add the Bordetella, Parvo and Distemper boosters. Then the year's worth of heartworm medication. Then the microchip.
I'd be irritated, but it was all stuff that was necessary, and besides, now we don't need to be back in the office for a year. And with this puppy, that is a HUGE incentive to paying a lot this morning!
Of course, Oliver is due for some vaccinations and his yearly wellness exam next month, and then we'll have to get his heartworm medication, and yes, he'll be getting a microchip, too. So minus a couple twenty dollar increments, next month will be an expensive one at the vet as well.
Again, I don't complain about these expenses, because really, these dogs are frickin' awesome, and totally members of the family, so their health is paramount.
Fun facts about Daisy:
She now weighs, wait for it, 17 pounds, 4 ounces. That's quite a ways from the 3-pound fluff we brought home in August!
One of her sutures from her surgery still hasn't dissolved, and it could take up to six months for it to go away.
She yelps before being stuck by the needle, but can be easily distracted by that weird goopy treat stuff squirted onto the exam table.
She's crazy aggressive, like a shark, when given a plate of wet food. (Not vet related, but still, a fact about her I wanted to include.) Really, she's like a shark. And not a nice, sand-dwelling shark or anything. She's like a great white, or a tiger shark, or a mako, or a really angry hammerhead.

Wednesday, January 7

10 days and counting down ... damn it

Scrubs was on last night. And with that broadcast, the number of things to look forward to before I turn another year older has officially come down to one (Mom will be out to visit a few days before B-Day). A month ago, it was all about Christmas, going out to California and visiting with my friends and family, lunch with Julia and then Tara, and the beginning of a new year. Now, before anything else cool happens, such as the beginning of new episodes of Lost and Burn Notice, or even the inauguration, I have to get older. Grr.

Blue vs. red, but backwards

Okay, so this picture struck me just a bit funny in an ironic way:
With the exception of President-Elect Barack Obama, check out the dudes in this photo. The Republicans are wearing blue ties, and the Democrats are wearing red ties. It's a ridiculous thing to notice, and then get a giggle out of, but there it is. Sometimes, my sense of humor really is that easy.

Tuesday, January 6

Less TV is a good thing

I've instituted another New Year's resolution over the last two days, and am super pleased with the results. Confession: My kid watches a lot of television. Well, let's backtrack: She doesn't really always watch it, as much as it's just that the television is constantly on, so is consistent background noise.
But yesterday and today, I acted on my decision that television will become a more limited resource ... at least at night. From now and every night, it's turned off at 6 p.m., and stays off until after baby's bedtime. This shouldn't be a big deal, and it's really not, because I put my iPod on shuffle, and that becomes our good background noise. Sometimes, like with Afternoon Dance Party, we'll hear a tune and dance along. But tonight, we ended up just hanging out in her room for more than an hour, playing with toys, reading books together ("Story time," she'll announce as she plops down on my lap with a book for us to read. It melts my heart), and having fun. It was, hands down, one of the best mother/daughter hours ever. What it really did, I noticed, was give me some time to decompress and just chill with Sydney, minus the noise, and do nothing but enjoy the interaction. I guess I never realized how much noise a television makes until it was just her and I hanging out without one.
This is an extremely positive result to this resolution, and I'm feeling super happy with myself. Will this roll into a lunch-time gig? No television before her nap, too? You know, maybe it will. It'll be good for both of us. Okay, decision made: No TV at lunch, either. I may become a better mother this year yet!

Monday, January 5

Who else is watching this show? Please?

Dude. True Beauty was exactly what I had hoped it would be, and that is so pleasing. I love that these people are put in deliberate situations, and that they go with their worst instincts. Don't that know anything about a reality television show? Don't they know that someone is always watching? Have they been living under a rock?
Okay, I will admit to rolling with a huge holier-than-thou attitude regarding this show, even before I saw it, but even more so now. Who looks at someone else's chart in a doctor's office? Who doesn't help the guy with all the coffees?
Honestly, this is going to be one of the most fantastic shows ever. The people are put through actual and real contests to judge their actual beauty, and then are given these situations to judge their inner beauty and, what seems to be, basic human kindness. And the girl who was kicked out failed miserably. Oh! And this is the best part! When the girl was kicked out of the Hall of Beauty, they had her portrait removed and carried out of the building in a TRASH DUMPSTER!

Sunday, January 4

Tomorrow I will be productive

Honestly, for someone who was all, "Bring it," over the new year, I have already made the last few days a bit of a disappointment. I'll blame it on the colds, because the general sense of malaise rolling through my house this weekend was frickin' legendary. I mean, yes, we at least got out every day. And yes, we even made it to Zoolights last night. That's great and all, but you all would not believe the mess that this office is in right now, all covered in random Christmas stuff (STILL!), papers, bags for returns and donations. And just the fact that I've totally neglected my decorations (STILL!) is a huge hitch in my get-along. They have simply got to be taken care of tomorrow. In my head, I've got a fantastically insignificant list of stuff to get done this week -- first and foremost though is to get this family all healthy and moving again. This is depressing.
But I did take a cursory glance through the want ads this evening. Ugh. This is not the time to be looking for a job; I get that. But there was nothing out there at all interesting. Granted, the ads will pop up this week and next -- just because this is the time when people do start hiring -- so I do need to get my resume up on Monster and ready to be seen by potential employers. I know it's around here somewhere!
We're also looking for somewhere to move. It's been agreed that, yes, we will move somewhere that makes us both happier. And the hunt for that place begins now, too.
Busy? Overwhelmed? Freaked out? Yep, that's me. Yay 2009!

Saturday, January 3

Solo dance + random music = awesome

We plugged in my new "Dance, Dance Revolution" for the Wii this afternoon. It did just what I wanted it to do, once we figured out the damn thing. Honestly, I feel so stupid that, even after reading the instructions about five times, I still needed Brian to break it down for me in a way I could get it. "It's like 'Guitar Hero' for your feet." So you step on the pad arrow when the lit-up arrow gets to the top-line arrow. Got it.
And after 30 minutes, I had changed from my jeans and long-sleeved shirt into shorts and a t-shirt because I was getting hot and sweaty dancing around on this cheesy pad, cussing at the arrow quickness, and becoming legitimately irritated at how my sweaty feet were sticking to the pad so I couldn't move them fast enough to keep up with the game.
And all that is exactly why I wanted this game. I wanted to do some kind of exercise, even if it's not an elliptical or treadmill, that would be get my heart rate up, be fun and boost my cardiovascular in some way.
Tomorrow, I will try it in socks, even though it is forbidden in the game rules. I'm excited!

Friday, January 2

Friday is always a slow news day

For a second day in January, this one wasn't all bad. There was plenty to be unhappy about, such as Sydney's cold returning with a vengeance, my bad decision for lunch, and the fact that the Christmas fairies still have not put away all my decorations, but beyond all that, it was an okay day.
I'm upset about John Travolta's son dying. That's so sad. How a parent can cope with the death of a child is such a devastating thing for me. It's always been an emotional what-if, but now, having Sydney, I can't imagine anything worse. Honestly, I am silently and subtly freaking out about it. And once I've finished this post, I'll go into her room and check on her.
I am refusing all housewifery chores this evening. They include emptying the dishwasher, and starting a load of laundry. I wish I could say that it'll be a long strike, and that these things will sit undone until next week or so, but I know that I'll be doing them tomorrow morning. At least I got Brian to take care of my grocery shopping tonight. That's a couple points for him. And now, at 10:30 p.m., I'm yawning. That means it's time to go night-nights.

Thursday, January 1

Back on the wagon ... yay!

Well, let me say, this year has started off well! And there's no sarcasm involved in that statement at all! I got to sleep in ... a little; had a yummy lunch at CPK; started to disassemble Christmas in my house ... packed up the tree, Moos and Little People toys ... ; and hung out with my little family.
And, for the first day back on Weight Watchers, I ran a point less than today's allotment. I also bought a points tracker application for my iPhone and spent some time tonight entering in all my normal foods and their point totals. I'm interested in cruising through the grocery store soon, as I've got some good snacking ideas for my refrigerator. I also got started over the last couple days by tossing out all the bad stuff in my kitchen, i.e., the rest of the fudge (BOO!), Nilla Wafers and those chocolate-covered raspberry gummy bears from my stocking (I know! Ack!). As for the immediate need for exercise, I am so excited to set up my "Dance, Dance Revolution," for our Wii tomorrow during naptime. Granted, it's not 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, but really, it's better than nothing.
Also, I am about to admit something awful to you: I am intrigued by a new reality show. I'm ashamed, but not so ashamed that I will avoid it. This eye candy hour of television is called True Beauty, and is about a group of "beautiful" people who think they're in a beauty competition, but in reality (pun intended), are being judged by their attitudes and kindness (starts Monday night; I've already set my DVR). I love this! You bet it's all about watching the gorgeous people humiliate themselves with their actions, even if they don't know yet that they'll be humiliated by them. I love the bank of camera scenes they show in the preview! I love that the judges are gleeful about catching these people being awful! I love that this looks so gloriously bad in a good way!