Tuesday, December 16

What a cool picture of lights

Honestly, I'm getting bored with getting ready for the holidays, and wish that I can just dig into the fun and merriment, you know? I've got so much to do in the next three days, but I'm really eager for them to pass so we can get to the traveling. I've got a lot of my shopping done (I epiphanied an idea for two more people this afternoon ... my last person eludes me), and I have only the packing and baking to do before heading out of here on Saturday. I say that like the packing and baking are easy and quick, basically no-brainers, but in fact, both things will take up an irritatingly long time. As I now remember too well, the peanut butter cookies take a couple hours to finish. And packing for a week, for three people, and the two dogs, is no small chore. So why am I just sitting her on the sofa, loitering on Facebook, blogging about everything that I need to do, and watching a ridiculous movie that I've already seen a hundred times, instead of doing any of these things? It's too early to pack, and I can't hit the mall and shop right now. And I'm really just chilling -- enjoying the happiness of my fantastically giddy day.

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