Tuesday, December 23

Santa Claus is comin' to town

So I've finally got a spare couple moments to blog something, and it won't be much. As you know, when we're out in California, the office becomes Sydney's bedroom, therefore our time with the computer is severely limited, as Mom and I are both mainly nighttime computer people. Every one in a while, we can sneak in while Sydney's asleep, but that is a rare occurrence. Right now, I've got the television on and Sydney chilling in her crib, so I've got a quick second to update you.
Activities so far this trip out to Cali:
1.) The drive itself went pretty well. Two dogs, one baby, two married people and a car full of Christmas presents do not make for a comfortable trip, but it was a pretty quick one.
2.) Dinner party at Jeannine's house! A night to hang out with my friends? Always a good thing, and that it was a nice casual thing with us just hanging out and laughing made it absolutely perfect.
3.) The Owens Christmas dinner is always, always, always a fun event, and this year did not disappoint! Sydney was a frickin' rock star, and even proved it by rocking out with Guitar Hero. She would insist on holding the guitar, but wouldn't push any buttons ... nor would she allow anyone else to push the buttons for her. Funny!
4.) Lunch with Julia! I haven't seen Julia since before Howie died, and it was a lovely thing to sit across a table from her and catch up. Since she's back in California, we'll be able to hang out more, I hope!
It's been a great time so far, and it'll only get better, as it gets more Christmas festive! Yay holiday!

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