Monday, December 8

Same Batman, blah bat result

I won't be buying The Dark Knight tomorrow. I'll tell you why, I didn't like the way the plot went down. At heart, you see, I'm a crazy romantic, and I like to see the happy couple get together in the end. To be sure, this did not happen in The Dark Knight. While Heath Ledger's performance was certainly worth the price of admission, and Christian Bale was fantastic (though the voice killed me sometimes), I don't like at all the end of the movie. And for me, how a movie ends is a huge, huge thing. The final impression of a film sticks with me for a long time, and I always remember, even if it's just a vague sense of "meh," how a film made me feel. And when it comes down to buying a movie's DVD, that last feeling as I walk out the theater is crucial. Look at Hancock if you need another example. Or Heat. I really hate the way that movie ended.

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