Tuesday, December 9

The kid loves Abba; what can I say?

ITEM!: I've got my list, and I'm checking it twice! And I'm in full-on shopping mode tomorrow. I even got a babysitter so I can run in and out of the stores I need to with a minimal amount of fuss (which is something I get a maximum of when I've got my baby with me). Oh, and yes, I've got some stores to visit: Toys R Us, a few in Fashion Square, Target, and Michaels. Each stop has a nifty list of purchases to be made, and I'm crazy excited to dig into it. I won't finish everything tomorrow, I know that, but this day is going to be a huge step in that direction.
ITEM!: I was hoping that The Journey to the Center of the Earth would be a fun and awesome romp, similar to The Mummy. Not to be, but at least I finally sat and watched it. I always, weirdly, feel a sense of real accomplishment when I finish watching a movie from Netflix. I can send it back to them; they know I'm not a lameass who doesn't ever return the movies; and now I can get something else. I've still got Get Smart in the living room. Who knows when I'll get into that one.
ITEM!: Sydney and I enjoyed the soundtrack to Mamma Mia! during our afternoon dance party today. I love that she gets so excited when she hears her favorite songs start! Those first four songs are money for getting that kid up and dancing around. Fun! I can't wait for the movie so we can watch it together. I think she'll really dig it, even if she doesn't understand what's going on or much of what the characters are saying. She'll love the music, and that's the best part of any musical anyway, right?

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