Wednesday, December 17

"Keep in Touch!" "Have a great summer!"

I can count on one hand how many real, real friends I had in high school (and still have; Yay Lisa!). I knew plenty of people, had classes and sat next to a lot of them, and enjoyed spending time with, and talking to, a whole lot of my peers. But at the end of the day, when looking at all my classmates on Facebook pages, I can say that I'm freaked about contacting them to be "friends." I'll admit to this fear as being one of the issues I've had for a long, long time: I'm terrified of calling, writing or contacting someone and having them say, "And who are you again?" The possibility is keeping me from befriending a lot of people on Facebook. Tara tells me to just do it, and enjoy any renewed friendships. I'm still iffy about it. It's so easy for me to say to myself, "You're a grown-up now! Don't be shy! Say hello!" But then I get all nervous about sending that friend request. I feel so vulnerable. It's incredibly weird.

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