Tuesday, December 2

It's fun to write in birthdays

Well, I'm surrounded by Christmas-ness. Not all of it is were it should be, nor is it where it will be, but it is everywhere right now. I started digging through the decorations this afternoon while Sydney slept, and did a lot more after she went to bed tonight, but I'm still skipping over piles of the stuff in my office. Interestingly, I've got a pile that I don't want anymore. My goal was to lessen my Christmas by a full bin/box, and I think I may have done it. Of course, I have a bag full of new stuff, but that's neither her nor there. Something I did choose to bypass, but still kept, was the collection of window gel clings that I use on the windows (duh) and mirrors. I actually decided at Halloween not to use them anymore for a while, because for some reason, I became bored with them. I kind of like it without them, but we'll see how it looks when I'm done.
Also, I got my new calendars this afternoon! Yay! I have never, never been so late in filling out a calendar. These things are usually all taken care of by mid-November, at the latest. You want to know what I got? Boston for the kitchen, as usual, Planet Earth for the office, Winnie the Pooh for Sydney's room, and The Princess Bride for my closet. If I'm done with my decorations by naptime tomorrow, I may get them done then. But if not, you know I'll have them finished by the end of the weekend. I love calendars ... la, la, la.

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