Wednesday, December 10

Have phone, will travel ... or just call people

I lost my phone for about two hours this evening. And let me tell you, that is the craziest feeling! I swear, I felt so helpless, and kind of vulnerable, and definitely like I was lost myself. I knew that probably no one had tried to call me, but my heart kept telling me that I was missing out on everything that could possibly be happening. I swore that Mom and Brian had each tried to call me a thousand times. (Thank goodness I had Sydney with me, otherwise my paranoia and crazy fears would have spun way out of control.)
But then the rest of the mental dominoes started falling in my head: Could someone who found the phone find me? How, in the world, was I ever going to re-create my address book? Why do I no longer have anyone's phone numbers anywhere other than in the phone? And how did I ever become so dependent on a little piece of electronic plastic that fits in my pocket?
I realized the phone was missing right before dinner, and before Katy joined us. I asked her to call it, and while it didn't ring in my bag from some hidden corner, it also didn't ring on her end. It went right to voice mail. Ugh. We all know what that means: the phone was turned off. If it was in my car, or my bag, or the parking lot, it would just ring and ring and ring before going to voice mail. If it was off, someone had it.
After dinner, we drove back to the Target, where I knew that I last had the phone (I called Lizzie from the video games section of the store, and was sure I put the phone back in my pocket). Katy checked around my former parking spot: under, around and near the Mitsubishi that was currently in the spot. We parked and went in the store and straight to the customer service counter. The customer service guy asked me for a description of the phone, and for my name, and, if you can believe it, the phone was there! The guy had checked through the address book for the "Home" listing, called and left me a message, and turned off the phone to preserve the battery! And that's Target policy for lost phones! CRAZY COOL!
But here's the best part: When I got home and listened to the message, he had said that the phone was found in the parking lot. Not even in the store! A good Samaritan helped me! How great! I'm so excited and pleased that someone else took the time to take care of my little phone and return it to the store, and ultimately, back into my hands. That person frickin' rocks!

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