Sunday, December 14

Five days and counting...!

Honestly, I cannot believe that we're heading out to California in five days. I've still got so much to do! Tomorrow, I hit the mall to finish up the shopping I need to do there. Maybe, just maybe, Sydney and I will get to Target tomorrow afternoon, but I feel like, if the weather is as bad tomorrow as they say it will be, that particular errand will be put off until Tuesday morning. I need to make another batch of peanut butter cookies. I need to pack for my family's week-long trip away from home. I need to wrap a couple random gifts, but I'm saving all the California presents for wrapping out there; that way I don't have to worry about the paper getting ripped in the car (why didn't I think of that two years ago?). I'll need to do my nails.
I guess I really only have to organize my life for the holiday. Grr.
I'm excited to put our Christmas cards in the mail tomorrow!

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