Monday, December 8

Did you hear? De La Hoya lost

I am so glad that we did not buy this fight on Saturday night. It was touch-and-go there, for a while, but I finally just said no. We've fallen for the hype before. We bought the last two "big" fights on pay-per-view, and felt totally cheated by the time the main fight came on, and even more disappointed after it was over. And I was only more irritated when that $50 charge would come through on the next month's cable bill. So I knew, going in to this De La Hoya/Pacquaio fight, that we would have to resist the build-up, fight the peer pressure, and just deny ourselves the supposed thrill of watching it in real-time. Besides, as HBO does, the fight will be on again anyway, and this time as part of our normal cable programming, so what's the big deal. So we didn't buy it. And instead watched normal television, hopping on to ESPN for regular updates (which is weird, because I don't really like boxing, and Brian isn't a rabid fan). So when the eighth round (am I remembering that right?) was over, and Oscar De La Hoya decided his fight was over, I felt like Brian and I were the real victors in the situation: We had real-time insight into the fight, knew when it was over and who won, and it didn't cost us any money to see it.

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