Thursday, December 18

A delightful candy, yes?

You know how I knew it was going to be a good day today? One thing: scotchmallow.
Sydney and I had our last trip to make to the mall this morning. I had a minimal list, but an important one, as I still had to get something for my nephew and my brother for Christmas. I also needed to make a stop into Baby Gap for the pink jacket I saw last week (but didn't buy, for some ridiculous reason) for Sydney ... because the child doesn't have a jacket, and it's supposed to be a bit chillier in California next week. Anyway, I also had a one-pound certificate for See's that I meant to use and give to my Molly Maids for the holiday, because they frickin' rock for doing all the stuff around my house that I refuse to do. So I picked up the box of chocolates, and got into line. And the wonderful lady behind the counter offered me the sample: a scotchmallow. This is one of my very favorite candies from the store. In fact, I was contemplating buying some for Brian and I to enjoy this evening, when she offered me the sample. So I ate the candy, and that completely satisfied my yearn for the confection; thereby saving me the money for the pound of candy, but also saving my ass from spreading due to that perfect pound of candy.

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