Friday, December 12

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C"

Here's a picture of the homemade, created from scratch, yummy peanut butter cookies I made tonight. Whatever for? Sydney, Brian and I are invited to Maria and Doug's cookie party tomorrow night, and I decided to make the old-school peanut butter confections that I love so much. I had forgotten how many cookies the recipe made (about 60), and how long it takes to follow the recipe through to fruition (2 hours, start to finish). I'm excited to take them to Maria's, because I really do know how good they are. Don't think I'm too generous though, I'm keeping some for myself and Katy to enjoy this weekend. (Brian doesn't like peanut butter cookies. More for me!) I like it when my house smells like fresh-baked cookies, too. Isn't there just something cozy and warm and fuzzy about a house that smells like cookies? At any rate, I'm inspired to make more cookies before the month is done. Hosting an event that I'm invited to this holiday? I may be bringing cookies with me!

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