Saturday, December 13

Cards, cards, cards

So we tried something different for our Christmas cards this year: There is ... wait for it ... a family portrait on it. Of course, there's still the bigger photo of Sydney, because she's so awesome, but instead of a photo of just Oliver and Daisy (assuming I would ever be able to get them to sit together long enough to snap one), I thought a nice, casual and fun family photo would be a nice complement. Not a single one of the family portraits turned out exactly right, but I still included my favorite of the group. Once you see it, you'll know why. My baby cracks me up.
I'm almost sure that next year's card will go back to the older tradition of being just pictures of the kids. It's all cuter that way.
At any rate, I've finished with a majority of the envelopes, and am only waiting to hear back from a few people for their addresses. And one more thing gets crossed off my list. Yay me!

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