Monday, December 15

Britney in April!

So did I tell you all that Katy and I are going to the Britney Spears concert in April? Honestly! I am so excited! I got us some decent seats, though they're not the best that I think I could have done for us. I couldn't find a single place where it said when the tickets would go on sale, so had to depend on my spotty memory and flighty sense of focus to keep checking.
Sadly, I let the wrong set of three consecutive days go by without visiting, and missed out on the day the tickets became available. (A Saturday morning? Are they kidding me with that?) Thereby, when I finally checked and found that the tickets were available, they'd been on sale for three days, and all the super good, cost-not-an-issue seats were gone. So we're not on the floor, but in the first level of seats, and in row Q or something. I am comforted by the fact that I won't need binoculars to see the stage, and that I actually had seats farther away from the stage the second time I saw U2 in Boston, to they can't be too bad.
But I'm totally going to get a t-shirt and a program.

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