Monday, December 1

An Apple-tini instead, please

I decided to bail on the Apple Store this morning. For a few reasons: 1.) I don't have the money to repair anything wrong with the computer; 2.) I'd rather just pay to buy a CD's worth of music twice (once on iTunes and again on plastic) rather than credit card the repair. Besides, I rarely buy a plastic CD anymore, so it would only happen two or three times in a year; 3.) It won't be too long (I hope) before I get a new laptop anyway; and 4.) I really needed to visit the grocery store instead of the Apple store.
All these may sound like spectacular excuses, but really, I'm okay with all of them. I'd been on the fence about the fix anyway. And right there are four reasons to hop to the side of "not do anything."

"Dear Santa ... I'd like iTunes cards for Christmas, please."

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