Wednesday, September 3

Uncle John wants YOU!

For some reason, I find myself at a crossroads when it comes to Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. I'm not sure for what I should be most offended: the fact that the Republicans think that women are such blind sheep that they would completely shift political ideologies and issues to follow any vagina-sporting nominee into the White House, no matter her party; or that Palin is being paraded around in front of the country like a shiny toy that McCain finds a use for now, but will quickly drop should he make it into the big house himself next January. (What's too bad here is that I liked her spunk and sassiness up there on stage. We do need a woman like that in the White House. Why, oh why, couldn't she be a Democrat?)
Sure, she'd be vice president ... just a heartbeat away from the presidency (I'm beginning to hate that saying. Someone give me a new one), but she's also such a blatant show of pandering that I'm really kind of surprised that no one seems to be saying to McCain, "Hey! This is ridiculous! They'll figure it out!"
Oh, yeah, and did you hear that she's got international experience because Alaska is up there in the north right next to Russia? Dude from Fox News: If that's all it takes to foster international experience, let's nominate the guys from Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Maine, because of their extensive experience dealing with ... Canada. Or the peeps from California, Arizona (wait...), New Mexico, and Texas (I see a trend here). Let's throw in Florida, too, because it's so tight with Cuba.
I'll not go into the family thing because I know as well as anyone that no one can control a family member. There will always be the teenage pregnancy, the drunk brother, and the incarcerated cousin. Every family has issues. Leave them alone.
Instead, we should focus on the report that McCain had only met Palin once, and spoken to her twice, before asking her to run as vice president. Or that she's so proud to be an outsider in Washington. Personally, I'd like someone who knows the ropes in there if needed. And really, what's so wrong with being liked by the people? If being liked wasn't such a big deal, then the polls showing Pres. Bush's declining approval numbers wouldn't matter a bit, would they?
At the end of a night like tonight though, you've got to love the Republicans' short-term memory loss: "Let's not discuss the clusterfuck we've created over the last eight years. No, no. Instead, we'll make you afraid of anyone who wants to change the status quo and try to build a better country than what we've got now. Because, look around, people, we're doing awesome."


Anonymous said...

Sarah Barracuda /Palin !!!

-T. said...

You have to hand it to the Republicans for having the juztpah to actually jump on board for "change". I did not think I would hear that word by anyone else besides a Democrat this season. Anyway...gotta love the theater of the conventions..I know I do.