Tuesday, September 30

This season, I dance with apathy

Did you notice something missing on the blog over the last two weeks? Something, maybe, sparkly and shiny? Something twisty and turny? Something dancy?
Yes, my friends, we are two weeks into the new season of Dancing with the Stars, and you won't find anything about it up here. I have decided to take this season off. I am vacationing from the show. I respectfully decline to watch it. I don't care at all about the "stars" in it, nor am I caring how well they dance with the "pros." And it's really very liberating to my head, heart and television-viewing psyche.
If you remember, I missed the first episode in that unfortunate DVR hiccup. Having missed it, I chose to not catch the second and third episode of that first week. Now, this week, I've decided that I really just am not interested in it at all. And especially with all that Cloris Leachman nonsense and the pros I don't know. The only people I am remotely interested in seeing are Misty May-Treanor and Lance Bass, but neither one of them are really enough to make me change the channel, or do the samba with my DVR again. I'll just sit this one out ... be a wallflower, if I may ... and catch up with them next season.

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