Friday, September 19

Tell me what YOU think

So they won't be able to actually transform the car into a BMW, but it may become one just the same.
Look: the dealer wants a grand total of $5,200 to fix all the things wrong with my car. That number includes a flushing of the transmission, replacement of the timing belts and the water pump for $2,300. Okay, the timing belts are showing some signs of definite wear, so they do need to be replaced, but not immediately. What is immediate is the catalytic converter (which my service guy has finessed to be covered under warranty), the intake manifold ($1,630), the front driver side door lock ($275), the front passenger side door lock (which is $370 because they had to break open the door to get it unlocked), and an oil change. So that's the immediate. The issue with the timing belts has messed with my peace of mind enough so that I know I need to take care of that. But do I?
So, then there's this: the Blue Book on the car is only $4,100. The dealer wants $5,200 to fix it all. Huh? Question: Why pay more than what the care is worth when I'll only be driving it until I have a job, and goodness knows what tremendous thing will have to be fixed next year? Do we want a car payment or not? Of course, we were planning on getting Brian a new car this season anyway. But now, it's become a necessity for us to either spend $5,000 on the old car that will only decline more in value, or just get me a new car. And while I would love, love, love a new car, I did not want one this way. You all don't understand how much Brian's going to whine about this, and is already. "Why can't my car be the broken one?" he asked me tonight.
Well, we've got some time before deciding, but not really. I give my sense of stress with these timing belts a couple weeks. And the tires really do need to be replaced. More money into a car that isn't worth it, right there.
So, I'm curious enough to make a question out of this: What do YOU think I should do? Post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Dump it!
Why waste money on a dying car.

pocketless 8th grader said...

Dump it. I think you would be throwing good money after bad. If your CAT is bad, there is something poisoning it upstream (are you burning oil?).

But for no other reason, get something reliable. You are hauling a kid around and you don't want to be stranded by that car with a kid. I know it is cooling down out there, but the Arizona heat can kill you.