Friday, September 5

The pressure of the planning

So I've gotten myself all worked up about something that's kinda lame, but still is enough to make me plot, scheme and manipulate a situation and how to make it work best for me, even though there's nothing I can do to change it. Sounds great, huh? You're fascinated, aren't you? You'll be disappointed to learn that it's only about fall television.
I got my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview in the mail this afternoon, and have already devoured it. Of course I would, it's featuring Gossip Girl on the cover. But in this awesome preview, the editors tackle television night by night, starting with Sunday, and working through Friday.
What's my ridiculous concern? Four ... yes, four ... shows that I'm watching are shown on Monday night, at the same time, 7 p.m. Arizona time. Dancing with the Stars, which begins Sept. 22; Chuck, which premieres Sept. 29; Gossip Girl, which has already started; and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which begins Sept. 8, are all conspiring to make my life just that irritating. Would it kill a couple of these networks to move their shows to Wednesday, when there's nothing scheduled that I'm interested in watching? So ... how the frick am I going to solve this dilemma, all with keeping Brian from having to deal with my issue? I'm going to have to find out which shows are available for download. I know Gossip Girl is, so that's one less concern that night. I'm going to have to do some research, clearly. I suppose I'll watch DWTS live, because that's a decent-sized obsession. So it's Chuck or Terminator to be DVR'd out in the living room. Of course, if I can talk B into playing a video game during that time, I could record both of them. Huh. My head's beginning to hurt. But even more of an of course, is that I could fix it better by having a DVR in the bedroom. And yet, I still rebel against giving Cox any more money than I already do.
It's just too much to deal with now. Tomorrow at Tara, I suppose.

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-T. said...

Well, your concern can't beat my excitement over the fact that "Entourage" and "Mad Men" are both on Sundays and I can let's see where DH falls in on Sunday's line-up.