Thursday, September 4

Make it good enough to watch again, STAT!

Do you remember, back in the day, when ER was a really, really good show? It's magnificence can be attributed to several things that the show offered at the time (not the least of which were the fantastic George Clooney and Julianna Margulies), but among them was Anthony Edwards and his character, Dr. Mark Greene. The show was so great for so many years. And this year, its last, is ripe with the stunt casting. Included in such casting is Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance, as well as the return of Noah Wyle's Dr. John Carter (ER, hear me. Please, please make Carter's return less dramatic. His issues were so plentiful and angsty that I got emotionally drained just trying to keep up).
Anyway, Greene is showing up as a part of a flashback (remembering, of course, that he died several years ago of a brain tumor). So it'll be a couple of scenes in a "very special" episode, and Edwards will have fulfilled a portion of his pact with the karma gods by making older fans of the show happy. I won't lie, I imagine I'll probably watch that episode just because of it.
And what of ER's most famous alumnus? How frickin' tickled would all us girls be if George Clooney actually did make his way onto one of the show's final episodes? His Doug Ross and Margulies's Carol Hathaway appearing as a special goodbye at, oh, say Carter's funeral? (I hear that they refused to show at Greene's funeral because they didn't want to steal any of Edwards' departure thunder. Cool of them, but still, I'd have liked to have seen their faces in that scene.) Anyway, I'm hoping to hear about Clooney and Margulies soon, aren't you now?

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