Monday, September 8

John Connor cut his bangs! Yay!

I'm sure you're all very, very concerned about how my Monday night television viewing went this evening. It only consisted of two shows still this week, but something occurred to me this afternoon that I hadn't thought of when I first blogged about this: Monday Night Football. Ugh. Not that I don't enjoy the football ... I do. It's just, well, damn, could there be one more thing that I'd like to watch on this one night? Frick. This week, I recorded Gossip Girl for tomorrow's nap time, and watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I told Brian straight up that he would have to take point with Sydney from 7 p.m. to bedtime at 7:30 p.m., except for commercial breaks, because I had a show to watch. I've got to say, this is going to be hard with only one DVR in the house. I'd be able to tackle three of my four shows if I had a DVR in the bedroom, too. I wonder, is it worth the additional $16 per month to get one? I guess we'll have to judge that situation for when it hits its zenith in a couple weeks. Ask me on Sept. 23.

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