Saturday, September 13

Ike visits Houston

Okay, it's Saturday afternoon. Sydney's asleep; I've read most of this week's Entertainment Weekly; Brian's comfortable "watching" college football; Mom's out and about with Auntie Donna. It's pretty much a perfect moment right now. Except that Daisy just hurled a little bit on the carpet at my feet. Whatever.
So, I'm a bit worried about Jon, Emily and Benjamin in Houston. I chatted with Emily a couple days ago, and she told me that they would be "hunkering down," for the hurricane. I watched the news with a fair amount of trepidation last night as Ike slammed into Texas. I've thought of calling a hundred times this morning, but I'm sure that they're fine, and the last thing any phone lines need is me being all, "Hey. You okay?"
Perversely, and with all the hindsight this morning affords me, I kinda wish that the hurricane had rolled through the town when Brian and I were there. I've always wanted to experience every type of weather, and a big, fat hurricane like Ike would have totally fit the bill. But alas, there was no such excitement over Labor Day weekend. {sigh.}
I'll call them tomorrow.

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