Wednesday, September 24

I hate her character's name though: Sookie

So I feel like the headline of the last post probably was a bit too randomly specific. I'll explain: HBO is showing Charlie's Angels lately. You remember that scene where they're "undercover" at the party at Tim Curry's Japanese pagoda from Kyoto? When Cameron Diaz's character is flirting with Luke Wilson? Well, Lucy Liu tells her, after she's crashed and burned in conversation, to "flip your god-damn hair." Every time I think about Daisy's flipped eyelid, that's the phrase I hear. I thought I'd use it as a headline, but every time I look at it, I don't like it. I could fix it, you know, but won't. If I did, this post wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.
Are you all watching that HBO show, True Blood? I'm hooked. I'm watching this week's episode again, right now. I like that it's shown on Sunday night, when there's nothing else for me to watch. I like that it's kinda down and dirty. I dig that Anna Paquin and the aunt from Twister are in it. And I like that, after I've read and watched so much vampire stuff in my life, this is still pretty fascinating to me. And it's gritty. That's the word I've been looking for: gritty.

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