Monday, September 29

I don't fear the stirrups

I've got an appointment for a colposcopy tomorrow morning. My yearly pap smear showed some irregular cells, and the follow-up visit with the doctor is the fun and interesting colposcopy. I've had one before, you know. Out in Boston, I had an irregular pap show up. Obviously, there was nothing to it, else you would know, so I'm really treating this one very cavalierly. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I seriously don't think it's any big deal.
You want to know what's weird about this appointment tomorrow? It's the first time I'll be seeing my actual doctor since the week before Sydney was born. I had the on-call doctor deliver Sydney. My six-week, after-baby appointment was with the nurse practitioner. So was my yearly wellness check the following year; as was this most-recent appointment, with the nurse practitioner. Even though this visit should be all nerve-wracking (I guess), I'm really kind of excited to see the doctor. She is super nice, and we got along super well, so I'm sure it'll be a pleasant visit.
And what would you all rather be doing at 7:30 a.m., if not spending time on an exam table?

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-T. said...

Oh yah. I am jealous. VERY. My last visit included a 1.5 hour wait and then a lecture about how I "better get on it" (having babies) as I am "getting old" congrats on finding one you actually like...even if its through the blur of a 7:30 am appointment.