Monday, September 8

The good, the good and the ugly

Good: Look at that, you all! Britney looks like a regular pop star again! Here she is, rocking the MTV Video Music Awards, and cleaning up with three awards. I feel like everyone seems to be pulling for our girl again, with all the positive reviews, accolades on the red carpet, and happy comments from last night. I'm just ecstatic that her participation in the show was not at all the train wreck we witnessed last year. I get chills just thinking about it, and not in a good way. Yay Brit! Keep up the getting-good-at-being-you-again stuff! We've missed you!
Good: I hate commentator arguments on television. I can't stand watching those shows, with the round tables and opinionated guests, and listening to them try to one up each other and attempt to out-talk the other into changing their mind. And when they're talking politics, it's even worse. And when they're a bunch of bitchy girls, it's even worse than that. So it is with glee that I hear that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews of MSNBC have bee demoted from political anchors to commentators. They couldn't stop bitching at each other, making snide comments, and slamming the parties and their politics. So, MSNBC has pulled them back into their opinion places, and announced that David Gregory will be the voice of reason for the rest of the presidential race. I dig opinions, people, you know that, just not on a supposedly subjective newscast. And I bet Brian Williams had a good thing to say about it too, after he was asked about it by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last week. (I heart Jon Stewart.)
Ugly: Dude. Tom Brady's out for the season, and we've got little Matt Cassel filling in for him. An undefeated trip to winning the Super Bowl simply will not happen with this kid. Nor will it happen with anyone else they pull in to workout with the team. You know who's super pissed, don't you ... Randy Moss. That guy was looking for a Super Bowl ring this year, and I believe they were going to get it, simply because they have to still be really mad with how last season ended. Seriously, I'm pouting, because I wanted to see it happen. Well (she says in glass-half-full optimism) maybe they can still take the big game, even without Brady. There are a lot of other talented guys on that team, and they could turn this whole incident into a do-it-for-the-gipper motivational tool. We'll see. One game at a time, guys. You know what I hate, is all those other "football" fans who are excited with this Brady news. Get a grip, you punks. Can't you appreciate a good player when you see one? Why be hating?

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Uglier: Russell(puke)Brand!